Portable generators made for private use are becoming an increasingly popular target for thieves; because more people than ever are relying on home generators as a source of back-up power, a stolen generator can be sold relatively quickly and easily for a considerable amount of money. Sadly, most generators that have been stolen are never recovered.

What To Do After A Break-In

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What To Do After A Break-InThe first thing to do after a break-in is to call the police, plain and simple. This may sound like the obvious thing to do, but a lot of people go inside their homes or apartments before knowing that it is safe to do so. Most people are in such shock and disbelief when they discover they have been victimized, and this is when thinking clearly and rationally is more important than ever.


Rain Gutter Cleaning and MaintenanceProperly-functioning rain gutters serve a very important purpose in the maintenance of your property. If they are allowed to dam up with sediment, water will pour down the outside of your home, soaking your foundation and destroying your garden. Eventually, excessive weight from built-up water and debris can cause gutters to come loose from their fittings and fall off, costing you serious time and money to replace. It’s possible to avoid all these problems, however, by cleaning your gutters at least twice a year. Many homeowners try to avoid this task because they think it will be much harder than it really is. Here, you’ll see that gutter cleaning can actually be very simple if you approach it correctly.

Every expectant parents’ handbook instructs its readers to baby-proof the house in order to make sure that the newborn child doesn’t end up in the emergency room for preventable reasons. But preventative action in a household isn’t just limited to new parents, or even parents at all! There are plenty of quiet traps lurking around the corner that can impact a beloved pet, relative, or spouse; fortunately, the next several paragraphs will prepare you to protect and defend from these hidden household scourges.

Install CCTV Cameras for Security in Your HomeTo begin installing your CCTV system, you will need to decide which type of CCTV system that you want for your house. Wired and wireless are the two common types. Wireless systems are simple to install because all that is required is the installation of software on your computer. Wired systems are more complicated because you will need to drill holes in the walls of your house so you can run cables through them. If you are not experienced with this kind of do it yourself work, it would be advisable to have a professional CCTV installation company do the job for you.