Meat smokers are able to cook barbecue, turkey, and chicken just to name a few. These smokers are able to come in all forms, shapes and sizes and can vary widely in fuels as well as prices.

Add a little German accent to your next barbecue by grilling up some juicy bratwurst sausages alongside your more traditional hot dogs and hamburgers. Bratwurst, also known affectionately as brats, can be found at most grocery stores in either the deli case or already packaged in the meat department. If you’ve never had one, bratwurst are hearty sausages made from veal, pork or beef. They are well seasoned, but are not overly spicy. Don’t be surprised if the meaty, juicy bratwurst turns out to be more popular than the smaller hot dogs.


There are numerous ways to maximize your budget when planning your meals. Planning your meals ahead of time is the first step. When you plan ahead of time, you can limit your grocery trips to once a week which saves both time and money.


A good steak is an all-American meal. Grilling a steak perfectly can be tricky. But it can be done.

Pick the right steak. A flavorful steak will be bright red with plenty of marbling throughout the meat. A cut like filet mignon has little marbling so it is less flavorful but more tender. There are three grades of steak; prime, choice and select. Most prime grade beef is bought by restaurants. Usually choice or select meat is found at retails stores. If you want prime meat you will need to find a good butcher shop.

How to Cook, Eat Healthier

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To maintain a healthy lifestyle eating a healthy diet may be the most important aspect. While exercise is also very important, eating a balanced diet that is full of vitamins is not only needed to maintain a healthy weight, but to keep the body working efficiently as well. While eating healthy requires discipline, and some sacrifice, there are several ways you can improve both your cooking and eating habits to ensure you are eating foods that are not only delicious, but nutritious as well.