How Rain Catchment Systems Battle Water ShortageFor many regions of the country, drought can cause a serious problem with water shortages, high temperatures, and little or no rain. Luckily, the rise in popularity of earth friendly living has created a movement of people catching and harvesting rain water in order to use it for a variety of different projects and other uses in times of need. Installing a rain catchment system can be done at home without the help of professionals, though extremely complex rain harvesting and rain water treatment systems can also be installed by professionals. By taking a look at your water needs, budget, and the various types of water catching systems, you can determine the best system for your home.

When teaching someone ‘how-to’ do something, it is important to begin with a simple approach. That is, if wanting to help someone reduce their water bill, don’t get stuck on shopping for sinks, toilets, accessories, etc. The ‘how-to’ conserve water is the meat and potatoes of the given subject. As shown in the following example, the teacher can easily prompt the student to help with the lesson, adding to the list of water saving tips the teacher is providing. When teachers interact with their students, it becomes more of a joint effort that allows for mutual understanding of a topic. If the student has been given sufficient information that can be easily applied, the student can then become the teacher for the next student.


How to Take Stains Out of Carpet NaturallyStains and spills on carpeting will happen eventually if not on a daily basis. Homes with children and pets running about may want to think twice about using commercial cleaning chemicals on carpeted floors on a regular basis. Everyday household products can easily be used as natural carpet stain removal agents. When cleaning spills, taking certain key steps can help ensure the complete removal of any newly formed stains.

How Rain Can Make Life EasierHealthy and free, the rainwater that falls around your property can be put to good use. From irrigating the landscaping to washing your cars, you can take advantage of this free natural resource. You will save money and enjoy lush landscaping when you invest in a few simple tools.

Tips To A Greener Lifestyle

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In order to live greener, you must make an effort to be environmentally responsible every day. The changes you make do not have to occur all in one day. As each day passes, you can gradually make small efforts to change your lifestyle. Even the simplest of actions that you take to protect the environment will have a positive impact on the natural world. Listed below are 12 tips on how to live a greener lifestyle.