In today’s economy, all of us are searching for ways to save a little extra money. From clipping coupons to sewing our own clothes, many of us have found very effective ways to cut some extra spending out of our lives. Have you ever thought about curbing your electricity usage to save money? Curbing your energy consumption by minimizing the electricity you use can really add up on your monthly savings. Below are some tips to follow to cut out energy consumption and lower your monthly utility bills.

Choosing to rely on solar or wind power is one of the most economic things you can do for your new lifestyle, but many people don’t have the money to get these systems started – until now.

As part of the tax laws, the government offers tax credits for home owners who make improvements to their home that are energy efficient. The tax credits are available for home improvements and appliances that are energy efficient. The money saved in taxes help offset the cost of the improvements.


Homeowners know and understand older energy systems are costly and a detriment to the environment. This is the main reason residential and commercial solar system panels have become so popular. Depending on volume of energy useage, solar system panels can reduce the cost of home heating and air conditioning as well as maintaining a hot water heating unit.


The sun is an enormous producer of clean, renewable energy. Harnessing this energy and converting it into a solar electricity system is now possible even for the average homeowner. Here is information on how a small solar electricity system works and how it can provide power to your home or business.