In today’s worsening economy, saving money in any way possible is a very important task. As jobs become less common and prices go up, people are trying to pinch pennies wherever they can.


You have a nice patio and you should enjoy it. Perhaps you have some nice patio furniture and like to sit out and relax after a long day’s work. Maybe you want to cook dinner on the barbeque grill and have a nice dinner on the outdoor table. Well, that works fine, during the day, but once it gets dark, you can no longer use that space – unless you have lights.


Alternative solar energy is a great way to save money all around your home. The first thing you think about when your hear ‘solar energy’, is, of course, hot water. But there are so many other functions around the house that can be handled by solar energy. For example, you can build a solar cooker that simply focuses the sun’s rays to cook your food. With simple low-energy solar cells, you can pump water to a fountain or keep a water flow in a fish pond. Landscape lighting can be powered by these same type of solar cells, and incorporating solar design efficiencies into the design of your pool or spa offers enormous payback. But let’s focus on the big four: passive home design that incorporates solar energy use, solar water heaters, low-cost projects using solar cells, and a DIY project that uses solar cells as your alternative to utility power.


Since the 1980′s “plastic lumber” (PL) products have been coming on the market as substitutes for wood, and while these products offer certain advantages, they also have disadvantages and are not suitable for all purposes. There are several types of PL products available, and each type has its pros and cons. A quick look at the types on the market will help the homeowner pick one that is right for their job.

Solar lights can provide an element of safety and security to your home. There are numerous places on the exterior of your home and around your property where solar lights can be added to increase security.