Water Damaged BasementA basement that develops water damage can cause serious consequences for your home. Water can cause foundation problems, mold and mildew. Repairing the damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars if it is caught late in the process. However, if you spot the warning signs early, you can decrease the amount of money it will cost to repair the damage. If you are considering purchasing a home, these warning signs can help prevent you from purchasing a home that will need immediate repairs to be completed.


Rain Gutter Cleaning and MaintenanceProperly-functioning rain gutters serve a very important purpose in the maintenance of your property. If they are allowed to dam up with sediment, water will pour down the outside of your home, soaking your foundation and destroying your garden. Eventually, excessive weight from built-up water and debris can cause gutters to come loose from their fittings and fall off, costing you serious time and money to replace. It’s possible to avoid all these problems, however, by cleaning your gutters at least twice a year. Many homeowners try to avoid this task because they think it will be much harder than it really is. Here, you’ll see that gutter cleaning can actually be very simple if you approach it correctly.

Though we often have a startled, fearful reaction when it comes to mold, mold is actually a natural part of the environment. In nature, it breaks down decomposing matter, and it plays a vital role in the world. However, when that same mold comes inside, homeowners start seeing some serious problems.

Advantages of Reclaimed Wood

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Contractors and home owners around the world should consider using reclaimed wood for their next project. This is a chance to take wood that has been saved from decay, old properties, or destruction and use it for flooring, furniture making, and other projects. The old phrase about one man’s trash being another person’s treasure is especially true when it comes to reclaimed wood.

Exterior Painting Tips

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Exterior Painting TipsExterior painting is an essential job that protects a home from snow, wind and rain. Coating wood with a quality paint is a part of routine maintenance, and spending enough time to prepare the surface is imperative. Painting is only a small portion of the actual job, and there are a few tips that make it easy for anyone to paint home exteriors like a pro. Finding the right time of year is the first step. Wood has a tendency to absorb moisture, and it needs to be dry before it is painted.