Do-It-Yourself Carpentry for the AmateurFundamental carpentry skills are relatively easy to master. It is simply a matter of having the correct tools, a little bit of knowledge and practice. You don’t need to start out with a whole hardware store of implements, and the basic tools are usually quite inexpensive.


When your home and belongings are affected by water damage, the last thing you want is to deal with the clean up. Water damage can be expensive, irritating, and just gross, but it can’t be ignored. Here are five strategies you can take to survive and thrive after you’ve been hit by water damage.

If you are tired of looking at the dirty, dingy tiles in your shower, you may want to replace them. Instead, consider just re-grouting them. It may seem like a huge undertaking at first thought however, with the right advice and proper tools you will have a ‘new’ shower in no time. You can create a beautiful shower without spending a fortune on purchasing new tiles. The seven tips below will help you to finish your project quicker, without taking any costly shortcuts.


Tiles are sturdier and last longer than hardwood floors, and are far easier to maintain than carpets. You can tile almost any area of your home, but the most common indoor areas to lay tile are hallways, bathrooms, showers, kitchen floors, and accented kitchen walls known as “backsplashes.”


It would be great if money were no object and everyone could have a no expense spared, custom designed workshop. Unfortunately, most people do not have the funds to devote to such an endeavor. However, that does not mean that a good looking, well organized workshop is out of the question. It is simply a matter of careful planning, attention to detail and choosing the right storage pieces. Although everyone will have different needs and will use their workshop for varying projects and activities, there are some simple workshop storage ideas that will form the basis for any workshop.