When trying to find the right shelving system for your powder room, you need to determine what you are planning to use the storage for, then determine what’s going to work for you.


With some smart planning, it is really not too hard to build a shed of your dreams. You will want something large enough to accomodate your lawnmower and garden tools plus have some extra space for some things that just don’t fit in the house. Once you have found a suitable location on your property, you are ready to build your shed.

Basement mold and mildew can pose a potential health hazard when it gets established and starts to grow. Mold and mildew love an environment that is moist and the right surface to grow on, such as wallpaper, drywall or padding for carpet. When you are going to purchase a home, carefully examine the basement and inquire if there have been any leakage problems in the past. Leaks in piping or the foundation can create a constant source of moisture for mold to grow.

That brand new 3 bedroom house that seemed perfect just a few months ago, has suddenly become crowded with all of your stuff. After unpacking all of the boxes, you found the closets full and turned to the garage for added storage space. Well, now the garage is getting pretty full too. Most troubling is the fact that you now can no longer fit your car in the garage. What is the solution? It is time to build a nice garage wall storage system.

A garage can be a messy place. Miscellaneous outdoors items, tools for all seasons, and a vehicle or two are usually crammed into a relatively small space. Add in the lack of time most people spend in their garage compared to the rest of the house and it’s easy to see how garages can be disorganized. With a little bit of money and time, a garage can be easily cleaned up.