While garages are designed as a place to park vehicles, they often become places to store possessions we do not want to get rid of but have no immediate need to use. It doesn’t take long for the garage to become so cluttered not only can a car not be parked in it, but that snow shovel is buried when it is needed most.


When one is a homeowner, peace and quiet are quite attractive qualities to have in the home, especially if one is just returning from work and wants to relax. Many homes, however, are anything but soundproof. Words carry through the walls, footsteps creak in the floors, and music can be heard from one end of the home to the other. If one has just bought a home, this can be very frustrating; one will be wondering what has to be done, and why the new home is so loud all of the time. However, one does not need to worry too much. The home may not be soundproof yet, but there are a number of things that one can do to make it that way without having to hire the job out to a professional. The following tips can improve the quality of any home.


Baseboards are a type of molding used as a practical and decorative way to cover the gap at the bottom of a wall and floor. A new baseboard installation of molding incorporates an owner’s personal style throughout the home. This do-it-yourself project can be successfully accomplished with proper planning and preparation. The baseboard installation should begin with the proper tools for the job.

The ink is dry on the mortgage, the bride has been carried over the threshold and now is the time for “happily ever after”. Not so fast. Unless the new home you purchased has a long-term warranty or guarantee that includes repairs, the first time the hose on the washing machine has you standing in a foot of water, your home repair days have just begun. Maintain a home checklist for regular maintenance and for repairs. Even a newly built home can suddenly develop problems with a leaking pipe or loose doorknob. The trick with home ownership is to be able to judge which repairs you “can” do and which are better left to professionals.

Mold Removal in Home

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Mold is not only unattractive but can also become a serious health risk to individuals within the home, particularly young children and the elderly. Mold spores can be very small and can be easily inhaled. Symptoms of mold are respiratory difficulties, asthma attacks, congestion of the sinuses and nasal passages, coughing, irritation of the skin, and sore throat.