X10 Debugging Tips

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Now we all know about x10 as it is one of the major aspects of home technology but as being the most important factor it also has some troubles joint with it. Some of the problems occur in the home vision or usually in the device system of x10.Usually there are also very common problems with x10 like signal degradation problem in your home. There are only a few ways of debugging all problems related to x10. One way to check the problem with your TW-523 LED is to check the phone cable and everything is fine with it. You need to take a look if the phone cables are 4 conductor cable and not anything else. There can be a few cable problems also so it will be better if you try and choose another module if you can do that. IF any of the above measures don’t make the system work properly then for sure the main problem will be hidden in the home vision main unit.
The problems stated above usually affect both the system units signal output and signal reception. If the module lights will not blink from any place in the house then you can take it to some other places outside your house and then try if it blinks or not. All these problems which have been stated above are very uncommon and they do not occur very often although there are a few things which almost every x10 user has to face .There might be a case where your home vision might not be able to control your x10 unit properly. Then you must need to check your home vision schedule set up as that might cause the trouble. There can be various communication problems with your x10 setup unit. Well such problems usually occur when the noises of other equipments present in the house come in the way of the communication signals of the x10 setup unit.
So if you can avoid the use of noisy home equipments near your x10 communication unit then these problems might not arise and another reason is the poor signal strength of the communication system. When such kinds of problem arise with the communication system of your x10 then it has only one solution for it and that is to use the signal strength repeater. Some of the problems which have been stated above are very common and some of them are even inevitable. The solutions and debugging aids which have been listed above are on the trial basis. The solutions which are listed above are worth a try and there many tips to prevent the happening of all such problems but most of these problems might arise without any notice and any symptom and there is a chance that some problems which might occur are not listed above. There are some cases where such kinds of problems arise even when you use your x10 and home  vision unit very carefully and pay full attention so there are some times no specific reasons for such kind of problems.

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