Parenting is one of the most rewarding things in life, but it can also be one of the most difficult. It is one of the major life events that come with little to no formal training or education. People are typically expected to simply follow their parental instincts and figure things out along the way. Certainly, most people will be offered advice and guidance from family and friends, but there are no prerequisite courses for becoming a parent. This can lead to feelings of uncertainty and doubt, but these are feelings shared by most parents at some point.


Getting a good night’s sleep is important for the entire family, but, as some of us are well aware of, children and sleep do not always mix well. Getting a young child to bed consistently is sometimes easier said than done, but with the right methods and knowledge, you can help your child find sleep, and you can find some peace.
Sleep issues are one of the most common problems that parents confront regarding their children. It can be difficult to get children to sleep through the night. Sometimes these sleep issues stem from chronic sleeping disorders, and numerous children stumble through the day heavy with sleep deprivation. In the following paragraphs you will find solace in the fact that there are millions of parents around the world who are dealing with the same sleep themed issues you are! You are not alone and there is hope and help, that in the near future you and your child will be enjoying a full-nights rest!


Being a single mother offers its own unique set of challenges, struggles, triumphs and complexities; and that is just within the effort of raising your children. With the onset of a troubled economy and job stability at an all time low, finding solid resources that can offer hope and help can be a challenge within its own right. There is assistance available to single mothers through the provision of good government aid programs meant to supplement single parents who need that extra boost of confidence and help in order to improve the lives of their children and ultimately, themselves.
Being a single while trying to hold down a job, pay the rent, take care of the utilities, finance a vehicle, afford daycare and keep your sanity can be tough. You are not alone! Government funded aid is available. There are all forms of support and assistance that can help relieve and sustain a better life for you and your children. The following describes a few resources at your disposal that can help promote and encourage your current situation.

We live in a busy world. Once you have a child, do not think that you have to give up your career or life to stay at home with him or her. Instead, there are many day care center options from which to choose. Take this decision seriously since its staff and programs will no doubt affect your child’s development. There are some great organizations out there, and there are some not so stellar options, too. This is why you should really think about your child’s age, needs, and your preferences when looking for the right center to look after your child while you are at work or school. The following are some tips for how to select the right day care center for your child.


Before you know it, your child will be ready to learn how to ride a bike. While teaching him may seem simple, it is an important undertaking that must be taken seriously. After all, his bike will get him to friends’ houses and pick-up baseball games, and you want him to arrive safely. With your encouragement and teaching, your child can learn to ride a bike quickly, confidently and safely.