Whether you’re a first time mom, or a mom to five or more children, it doesn’t get any easier to leave them in the hands of someone else, at daycare.  Does the thought of your children being in daycare make you sad, or cause feelings of postpartum depression?  Well, sure we all feel this way in the postpartum stages that follow, but what about when it doesn’t go away?  When do you decide to stay at home with your children, making cut backs in your household to ensure your happiness?

While having a home business can mean lower operating expenses, it also means not having the benefit of a physical storefront to help generate sales.  Often, having a home business also means that you are solely responsible for marketing and making sales.  Whether you are just starting out or you have an established home business, increasing your profits is always a concern.


Nothing makes a kitchen look and feel as cozy as a vase of beautiful flowers. It’s inspiring to look up from your cooking project and see a touch of nature in the form of brilliantly colored flowers. Flowers also add splashes of natural color and make your kitchen and dinner guests feel warm and welcome. Sometimes generic flower vases can look too uninspiring. Why not house your beautiful flowers in unique flower vases that will add an additional decorative element? Here are some ideas for unique floral vases: