Amazing Honey Facts


•    Humans have eaten honey for centuries. It was found in King Tut’s tomb and was edible.

•    There are many varieties of honey. It has different colors and tastes, depending on the location and type of flower nectar that bees collect to make it.

•    Bees drop the nectar they’ve collected into the honeycomb and evaporate it by hovering over it and beating their wings. This is how honey is produced.

•    Honey is referred to as “heavenly food” in the Bible.

•    Ancient Greeks believed that honey had healing properties.

•    In 460 to 370 BC, Democritus, a Greek physician ate a diet that was rich in honey. He lived to the age of 109 years.

•    Europeans used honey as sweetener for thousands of years.

•    Ancient Egyptians had 900 known medical remedies. 500 of them had a honey base.

•    The first humans thought that bees were magical because they made the “food of the gods.”

•    Honey is full of antioxidants. It’s good for the heart.

•    Honey contains no cholesterol, no fat and is free of sodium. It is a near perfect food.

•    Honey includes ever substance that sustains life. This includes water.

•    Honey is great for soothing the pain of minor burns. It also prevents scarring.

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