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We have all heard about the many health benefits of fish, and many nutritionists and other experts recommend eating seafood at least once a week to maintain optimal levels of health.  Better yet, fish is a delicious meal, and one that can be prepared in a myriad of ways.  With all the great seafood recipes out there, it is possible to follow that once a week seafood schedule and never repeat a single dish.

Of course there are some dishes that are so inviting that you will want to make them again and again.  Chances are every member of the family will have their own special seafood favorite, so keeping everyone happy should not be difficult.

Of course the basis of any successful seafood recipe is the right seafood, and it is important to shop carefully in the fish market.  Finding the freshest fish is not always easy, but there are some tips you can use to make your seafood shopping experience a pleasant and productive one.

When you visit your local fresh fish market, you can use your senses to guide you to the best choices.  Your sense of smell will of course be very valuable, as fresh fish will have a light smell.  If the fish has a strong smell, chances are it has been at the market too long.  A strong fishy aroma could also indicate that the fish has been frozen and then thawed, or that it has been processed using the wrong methods.

Your eyes can provide some valuable guidance as well.  The flesh of fresh fish should be pleasant to look at and appear bright and palatable.  If the flesh has begun to gray or look slimy, leave the fish in the market and look for a fresher variety.  If you purchase whole fish, it is a good idea to look at the eyes.  The eyes of the fish should be bright and shiny, nut dull and listless.  The area around the gills can also provide some clues.  If the fish is freshly caught, the area around the gills will still retain some redness.

If possible, press your finger into the flesh of the fish.  If the fish is freshly caught the flesh will spring back right away.  If the indent from your finger remains, it is a sign that the fish is not as fresh as it should be.

Of course after you have taken all this time and trouble to choose the freshest fish, you will want to serve it while it is still at the peak of freshness.  Fish should be served within two days of purchase, since it deteriorates much more rapidly than other forms of meat.  It is important to serve that fresh fish right away, using one of those wonderful recipes you’ve been itching to try.

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