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It was not until the 1950s that mass produced barbecue grills took over the market. Before then, custom built barbecues were a popular option. It is still very possible to build your own barbecue. Unlike the wheeled contraptions of today, a home built barbecue is designed to fit right into your patio as a permanent accessory. Custom and home built barbecues lost popularity after mass produced grills took over, but today they are starting to make a comeback.

Before you start buying your supplies, you will need to decide what you are going to be using the barbecue for. Will it be something simple or a complicated smoker? A home built barbecue can be as simple as a glorified fire pit or as grandiose as a fully functional gas grill that makes mass produced grills look like nothing. Obviously, a major contributing factor in this decision is how much the project will cost and how much you can afford. It is simple to produce a very low cost barbecue by building a fire pit with a support for a cooking grate. On the other hand, a gas or electric grill with more than one burner, fans, and cabinets will cost you quite a bit more.

A basic charcoal or wood fired barbecue is very simple to build. All that is required is a place to put the fire where it will get enough oxygen, and a grate to put the food on. A few bricks and putty along with a book on masonry and some metal parts is enough to get the job done. In most cases it would only take an afternoon with a few friends to complete the job.

Alternatively, a gas grill is a very complicated device, and it is a good idea to buy a gas grill insert intended for outdoor use. You will be able to find these at the majority of hardware or stove stores. In most cases they will come with instructions regarding how to assemble them as well.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind before you build your own barbecue. First and foremost, safety should always be on your mind. Do not put the barbecue in a place where it could potentially start a fire. Keep it away from trees and structures. You should also make sure to place it somewhere that is convenient for you to use.

Make sure that the barbecue will blend in with your house and yard. Take into account the color scheme and thematic design of your home. You want it to fit in with your patio, not stick out and seem out of place.

Ideally, the barbecue should be useful year round. This means that it should function as more than a grill. Essentially, you should be able to use it almost like an outdoor kitchen, with storage space and other functions. Part of this means considering how the weather will affect your barbecue. It should be able to withstand whatever elements it will face year round. This means it should be properly protected and enclosed.

A home made barbecue should also be simple to maintain. If a part breaks down, you don’t want to have to take the entire thing apart in order to fix it. Anything that can break down or run out of fuel should be easily reached in case it needs to be replaced.

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