Five Reasons You Should Learn to Can Food


In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of canning foods at home. The practice of preserving freshly harvested fruits and vegetables is not new. For hundreds of years, people have preserved foods. This was done to make sure that there was food available for times between harvests. It was a necessity, not a luxury. Over the years manufacturers have developed methods of preserving foods. Now canned foods are readily available in grocery stores and super markets across the country. So why has there been the sudden re-interest? There are five main reasons people have started canning their own foods again.

As manufacturers look to extend shelf life of their products, they begin adding more chemical preservatives. This has raised serious concerns about potential health issues. Sugars, salts and other fillers are also added to most processed foods and it is difficult to control what your family may be consuming. When you are canning your own food, you control what is getting put in.

Some people can for financial reasons. They want the taste that the higher dollar items have, but they cannot afford it. With very little money, families have found that they can have top quality jams, preserves and other canned goods, without the price tag. While it may cost a bit to buy the initial materials, it more than pays for itself after the first couple times that they are used. Over the course of a couple of years, you will see that your money has been better spent on canning your own food. The greatest expense is in the time that it takes, and that time is another benefit to canning your own food.

People are always looking for things to do as a family. Canning can be a fun event for the entire family. Children can have certain roles and develop a foundation of being able to enjoy the results of their work. You can use the time working to connect with one another. Working together strengthens family communications and develops good habits for children. Make canning days special events that the entire family can look forward to participating in. Canning can become a family tradition that will last for generations.

Jams and preserves make wonderful holiday gifts. Going to the store to purchase natural preserves can be a very expensive option. You can make very unique presentations with your very own canned jams. A basket of unique preserves and jams make perfect gifts. You can make your own family label of canned goods that will be a special treat for any gift giving event.

If these reasons are not enough, there is always the most practical reason. Emergency food supplies. You can purchase a good amount of preprocessed canned goods, but canning your own has a lower overall cost and is great in times that you need them. Imagine being without access to the store due to weather emergencies or other disastrous events. By having your own canned food supplies you are able to make sure that you are prepared for any emergency.

There are many other reasons to can your own food. It is not difficult to learn, and there are many groups and organizations to assist you. The internet has a vast amount of resources available for beginners and people with more advanced skills. Once you start, it becomes more than just a hobby. Canning becomes a fun, family oriented, healthy and cost effective alternative to heavily processed foods.

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