How To Choose The Best Meat Grinder


When you’re shopping for a meat grinder, you’re going to come across dozens of different options. You need to be realistic about what you are making with the meat grinder in order to choose the right one. It’s always best to buy one that can provide you with a few more features and a slightly larger capacity than you currently need, just in case you decide to expand.

You will need to determine if you want a manual meat grinder or an electric grinder. The electric grinders are very advantageous because they allow you to work hands-free. They are also much more cost effective than they were several years ago. If you like the idea of a manual grinder, try to get one that bolts down to the counter.

Think about how much time you want to spend grinding the meat. There are various grinders that have stronger motors than others. The larger the meat grinder, the faster your meat will be ground. When you are grinding faster, you are also preventing your meat from being exposed to room temperature for too long.

Remember that you want your meat to be as fresh as possible. If you keep the meat at room temperature for too long, you aren’t going to have any choice but to cook it in order to keep it edible. If you are making sausage or doing something else with it, this may not be an option right away.

The amount of meat you will be grinding at a time will greatly impact the meat grinder you buy. Some of the smaller grinders are capable of handling a batch of up to 25 pounds. In this case, a 575 watt motor will be sufficient. If you are grinding in batches more than 25 pounds, you likely want a ¼ horse power motor or higher so that you don’t burn the engine out.

Some meat grinders are designed with plastic parts and gear housing. These are fine if you are grinding a few little things here and there. Ultimately, however, the plastic isn’t going to be sufficient. You want to get a stainless steel meat grinder because it will be more rugged and more durable. This translates to lasting much longer, too.

Attachments can make or break your meat grinder. You may want a course grind on one thing and a fine grind on another. You may also want some attachments to help you with stuffing sausage casings and much more. There are quite a few meat grinders on the market that come equipped with several attachments for you to use. This can be cost effective and allow you to grow with your grinder.

It’s also important that your meat grinder comes with a meat stomper. This will help you feed the meat into the auger. While this is common amongst grinders, you want to ensure it’s there. Otherwise you will end up having to use kitchen tools to do the job and the process will take much longer.

Warranties should be carefully looked at when you’re buying a meat grinder, especially the electric ones. Anything with moving parts has the opportunity to break. If you want to ensure you get your money’s worth, you have to find out how long the manufacturer is giving you in a warranty before you are on your own for repairs.

Meat grinders can be a very versatile piece of kitchen equipment in your kitchen. If you shop reviews and take the time to explore your options, you can make great sausage, shred cheese and make all sorts of culinary creations. If you buy the wrong grinder, you could be out a sufficient amount of money and not be able to do all of the tasks that you want.

Plenty of grinders are in the marketplace, so you won’t have a problem finding one that will do all that you want. You just need to focus on finding one that meets your needs for the price that you want to pay.

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