Weber Propane Gas Grills – A Brief Overview


Many people enjoy nothing better than barbequing outdoors for a rich, smoky flavor to their food. If you fall in that category but are a little overwhelmed with all of the models and manufacturers offered, you should know that there are a wide range of low-cost grills. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is certainly true but with a company like Weber offering high quality at affordable prices, there’s no need to buy an off-brand when you can have a propane gas grill of durable design and quality construction.

Weber’s smallest and most portable grill is the Weber propane gas ‘Go Anywhere’ model. Its weighs just under fifteen pounds and not only is it convenient for campouts and picnics, it is quite serviceable as a backyard grill. With a generous grilling surface large enough to fit four medium steaks, it is a great choice for a young couple on a budget. It features a push-button ignition and a heat-distributing Flavorizer bar that turns out food cooked evenly every time.

The next step up is the Weber gas grill Q Series. The Q Series features five grills from the Baby Q grill to the largest in the series, the Weber Q 320. The Weber Q 200 is the mid-sized portable grill with a cooking surface of 280 square inches, enough space to grill about fifteen burgers. This is the most versatile of the series with side trays and it easily folds up for easy storage. For an extra $30.00, you can upgrade to the Q220 and get the built-in thermometer, the taller lid and the electronic ignition. The top grills, the Q300 and Q320 offers two additional burners in addition to the grilling surface, a stationary cart, side trays and a thermometer.

Weber also offers the Spirit Series with freestanding enclosed carts with all the accoutrements of the Q series. The Weber Spirit E-310 is the most popular grill in this series and is perfect for families who need an excellent, dependable grill. It features three burners with individual controls, a stainless steel enclosed cart that camouflages the propane tank, two plastic work surfaces (one with built-in tool holders), a tray basket for condiments and a built-in thermometer. As with many of the Weber grills, the electronic crossover ignition system is also an integral part of the Spirit E-310, which usually lights every time on the first try.

The next series of Weber BBQ gas grills is the very popular Genesis Series propane gas grills. The starter grill is an exceptional barbequing tool and features a main cooking area of 507 square inches. Add in the 130 square inches of the warming area and you have a tremendous amount of cooking surfaces. The stainless steel cart is fully enclosed and the heavy-duty casters allow you to move it around. The Weber Genesis E-310 is the top model in this series and comes equipped with all the features of the starter grill plus all stainless steel insides, burner covers and cooking grates. The Weber E-310 is available in designer colors.

The crown jewel of the Weber propane gas grills is the Summit Series. If you love bells and whistles, this is the propane gas grill for you. The eight grills in the series may be equipped with any one or all of the amazing accessories Weber includes with this elite line. The models are handily equipped with four to six burners, lighted controls, built-in rotisseries and smokers. One model has a dedicated sear burner for the barbequing connoisseur.

With over 20 models of propane gas grills sold globally, Weber is an outstanding name whose products deserve the accolades they receive from the people who have purchased them. So whether you are a couple with a yard the size of a postage stamp or someone experienced in the art of barbequing with space to spare, there is a Weber propane gas grill that will suit your needs beautifully.

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