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Ever wanted to know how to use the Chinese wok to prepare healthy Chinese food? It’s simple and easy. You can use the wok for boiling & steaming too. Basically, a wok is a frying pan with a convex bottom used by the Chinese to prepare food. The convex bottom of the wok heats up quickly, thus heating the food, which makes the cooking healthy.

If you are thinking of buying a wok just get going, immediately! The wok is a great cooking device that helps you cook healthy food. It expedites the cooking process and the price is affordable. You can buy any kind of wok that suits your style but make sure it’s carbon-steel plated.

Before using a new wok, you should season it to remove and harmful particles in it and make it more durable and non-sticky. Don’t forget to open the windows when you’re seasoning the wok because it does produce lots of smoke. For seasoning, scrub the wok with hot and soapy water. Dry it thoroughly and rub it with vegetable oil. When you’re heating the wok, the inner surface should turn brown. If you’re new to cooking with a wok, read carefully the instructions manual that comes with the purchase of a new wok and make sure you understand it all.

The wok is the most commonly used cooking device for stir-frying, deep-frying, steaming, boiling, roasting, simmering, and braising. You should keep in mind certain important things about the wok that makes the cooking tasty and healthy. Preparation and cooking are completely different procedures. You need to prepare the ingredients before you begin cooking. Read the recipe carefully before you proceed. Focus on your cooking work because the food usually heats up within minutes of cooking in the wok. Do not over heat the food. Use only vegetable oil, or soybean oil, peanut oil corn oil for cooking. Butter, olive oil or sesame oil should not be used because they are fats and tend to burn easily. Can also you special kitchen utensils to make the cooking easier, though it is not mandatory.

For stir-frying, prepare the ingredients by cutting them into small unvarying pieces and organize them. It is important that you cut the pieces into same sizes because they facilitate fast and even cooking of the food. Heat the wok before adding any ingredients into it. To plate the entire cooking surface with oil, swirl is all around. Do not cook all the food at once as it cools off the heat and the cooking goes incomplete. If you are using vegetables and meat for cooking, first cook the vegetables and then go for the meat. Use the Chinese spatula, or chop sticks to prevent the burning of food by moving, stirring and tossing it frequently. Once you are done with the cooking, serve the food immediately before the heat reduces. Remove the wok from heat, wash, lightly coat with fresh oil and put it back in your cook rack.

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