Another baby with a baby

Discussion in 'Family chatter' started by wreckedmess, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. wreckedmess

    wreckedmess New Member

    Actually we have two which is quite surprising. The first is the 3rd child of a mother who had all 5 of her kids before she was of legal age to drink. That story is sad in itself. The 2nd baby having a baby is just barely 18 and it makes me wonder what these girls are thinking. :confused:
  2. Too many young women get pregnant before they are emotionally or financially ready these days. I think it is best to wait to have children until you are ready in all ways.
  3. Brady

    Brady New Member

    This is the first time I hear that you need to be financially ready to have a baby. I guess our generations have become very spoiled. For some people having babies before 18 is the definition of stupid.
  4. Housepedia

    Housepedia New Member

    I feel sorry for the babies who will be born to very young mothers who might not be prepared to face the responsibilities of parenthood. Like you, I really wonder what went into the minds of these girls to act recklessly.

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