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Discussion in 'Pets' started by craftykris, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. craftykris

    craftykris New Member

    Does anyone donate to an animal shelter? My daughter and I will be going on Saturday to donate our time. We also have bought and collected a lot of pet supplies. This is our first big donation.
  2. CoolKat

    CoolKat New Member

    We just collected money at work for the neighborhood shelter for Christmas. We decided on the donation instead of getting each other gifts. It was a good amount considering there are only a few of us.
  3. wreckedmess

    wreckedmess New Member

    We have adopted all of our pets from there except for one and we always donate. Trying to donate time is easier said that done but we send in random items or drop them off at least once a month. This week our local shelter is doing seven dollar shots!
  4. craftykris

    craftykris New Member

    I wish I knew that the local shelter had deals on shots and "fixing" pets. I have always had these done at our vet's office (not cheap). We had a great time yesterday helping. We are already starting out next donation pile.
  5. HouseMouse

    HouseMouse New Member

    I did not know that they had deals on shots, either. I should call and find out if ours offers anything like that. While I am thinking of it, I should set aside some extra towels for them. I know that they are always useful to them.
  6. Brady

    Brady New Member

    I can open up an animal shelter so you can donate directly to me. :) I'm kidding but really this year has been pretty ugly on our budget.
  7. wreckedmess

    wreckedmess New Member

    Just recently a friend of ours started to volunteer at our local animal shelter. She wanted to get to know all of the pets before she adopted and they teach you about animal care there (not just the basic water and feedings either). I think its neat.
  8. Housepedia

    Housepedia New Member

    My brother has always been a pet lover, and he has managed to volunteer and donate his time at the animal shelter a few times. I don't donate regularly but when asked, I do give something.
  9. wreckedmess

    wreckedmess New Member

    Even if you volunteer time it helps, every tiny bit helps really. We have always given money because when we donate time it is normally saved up for the schools. We also drop a bunch of food off when we can.
  10. craftykris

    craftykris New Member

    You would not believe how happy they are to see people! The pets love it because they get to get out and go outside (dogs). The cats love it because they get to be brushed or just petted. We are going again this weekend.

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