Looking for an inexpensive centerpiece

Discussion in 'Decorating' started by HouseMouse, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. HouseMouse

    HouseMouse New Member

    I would like a centerpiece to use on the table for Christmas dinner, aside from your standard candles or flowers. It needs to be fairly inexpensive, and not take a lot of time or special skill to put together.
  2. gmommy

    gmommy New Member

    Do you have any pine trees of holly trees in your yard? I always bring a bit of nature in and arrange around a candle. Christmas balls placed in among the greenery even makes it better.
  3. HouseMouse

    HouseMouse New Member

    I don't, but someone gave me a fresh wreath today. I think that I might just place it in the middle of the table, with some candle holders inside, if I can't come up with anything else.
  4. HouseMouse

    HouseMouse New Member

    I ended up placing the wreath in the center of the table, with a large crystal bowl in the center. In the middle, I placed a glass cylinder, that I filled with strands of white and silver beaded garland. There were white and silver ornaments around the wreath, and I filled the cylinder with fresh cranberries, sprigs of greenery, and floated a candle on top.
  5. CoolKat

    CoolKat New Member

    That sounds like it looked very festive HouseMouse, how creative! I saw someone once put fresh cranberries in a glass bowl with a large, pillar candle in the middle. They then added water to the top of the cranberries. It was very pretty.
  6. HouseMouse

    HouseMouse New Member

    Thanks! It was very festive, and I loved the fact that the only thing that I had to actually buy was the cranberries. Your idea is even simpler, though, and also sounds very pretty.

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