Make Your Own Slime


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My sister-in-law got this brochure on sensory and messy play at the community center. One section was about making your own slime, and this site was mentioned as the reference. I think most kids would love to play and create various shapes and figures with this homemade slime.


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Thanks Chandy. That sounds really simple to make and the kids will love it. Being close to Halloween, it would be great for parties.
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Is this going to be the same type of stuff that is sold in the stores? Last week I had to cut my girl's hair because she ended up getting it stuck in her hair and never told anyone, I found it the next day.


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I think that my boys would love to play with slime like this. They love things that are squishy and gooey, but I love things that are inexpensive and pretty easy to clean up. It sounds like a win-win for all!