The kitchen junk drawer

Discussion in 'Organizing' started by GreenGal, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. GreenGal

    GreenGal New Member

    I know every kitchen has one. It's full of all kinds of stuff that you'll probably never use or even remember that you have. I know I am guilty of just shoving stuff in there.

    Here's a few of our treasures. Bits of ribbon, bread ties, rubber bands, a hammer, some pens that probably don't work, a deck of cards, Scotch tape, a bird toy, light bulb, and a plastic battery cover to some mysterious item.

    What's in yours? ;)
  2. HouseMouse

    HouseMouse New Member

    I have more than one. I am currently in a big clean-out mode though, so I will work my way through them. They contain everything, including office supplies, eyeglass wipes, gum, small tools, Coke bottle caps, kid wallets, and a myriad of other things!
  3. Hypolita

    Hypolita New Member

    We have multiple drawers throughout the house, so the kitchen drawer isn't too terrible. It contains scissors, matches, lighters, candles, a few large utensils, and "library bucks" for the kids.
  4. GreenGal

    GreenGal New Member

    I have a junk drawer in the bedroom too! For some reason my bedside stand's drawer has become a catch-all for junk. Old eyeglasses and remote controls, note pads, USB cables, hair clips, even an old pillowcase.

    Time to whittle down the hidden clutter. The thing is, what are we supposed to do with some of this stuff? I mean, it's good stuff!

  5. CoolKat

    CoolKat New Member

    We have two junk drawers in the kitchen. I actually cleaned it in the summer. I found a little race car, receipts from years ago, a slipper for an old TB, paper clips, batteries, a few recipes, dice for a long forgotten game, plus more that I don't remember.
  6. GreenGal

    GreenGal New Member

    Junk drawers are sort of like a time capsule or an archaeological expedition. You may make amazing discoveries. I sorted out the one in the bedroom, which was easy. Still haven't done the one in the kitchen.
  7. wreckedmess

    wreckedmess New Member

    I am guessing most will laugh but I kind of have a whole junk drawer but it is split between two drawers. The first is the big utensil drawer for all of our silverware, the other is the one I use for all of my cooking spoons.
  8. Brady

    Brady New Member

    We don't have one at the moment because we recently moved in into a new apartment but I remember the junk drawer my mother used to have in the kitchen. Opening it was very much like Christmas. :D
  9. Housepedia

    Housepedia New Member

    I have yet to find time to open the kitchen junk drawer, go through it, and discover what items have been collected in there. Nevertheless, I'm guessing it's filled with receipts, paper clips, scissors, batteries, Post-it notes, and pens.
  10. gmommy

    gmommy New Member

    Most times there is so much junk in that kitchen drawer that I can't open it. It does contain a hammer, screwdriver razor blades and lots of other stuff that's been collected over the years. I really need to clean it out.
  11. craftykris

    craftykris New Member

    I feel so left out. I don't have one either. My parents have a couple of them. We always had one when I was a kid and it drove me crazy. That is probably why I don't have one now. We do have several "junk drawers" in the shop. I don't mind those because they are not in my house.
  12. Mine contains a lot of random things. I try to organize it the best I can, though.

    Right now, some of the things in it are: a deck of cards, screws and nails, batteries, a hammer, and a screwdriver.

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