Use for old socks


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If you have some gently used socks that you need to use up or you catch a good sale on some new ones these look so cute. They would make a great gift or a nice addition to your Christmas decorations.


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I usually use old odd socks as dust rags as they make it easier to dust knick-knack items. I just slip them over my hand and dust. I'll have to save any white ones I have for that project, though - those are really cute.


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Those are pretty and neat and would make a great Christmas art project for kids. I'll share this to my teenage cousin who loves making new stuff out of old or used materials.


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I never thought about using old socks as dust rags but that's a good idea. The sock snowmen are super cute too. I’m not very crafty but they don’t look too complicated.


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Would anyone like a bag of hardly used at all socks?
For some reason My husband just can't keep his socks together. I have a half a laundry basket full of unmatched socks. I keep thinking that the other one will show up, but some of them have been there for years.
Of course, they are all dark, so snowmen wouldn't do.
And most of them are some synthetic fiber, so they don't dust that well, either.