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In this day of being “green” and environmental awareness, many people and companies are choosing a more natural and environmentally correct approach to just about everything they do. Many things that we do, from cooking the food that we eat, to simple day to day cleaning and maintenance around the home or office can have a huge effect on our environment. There are several different ways that we can cut down on waste and chemical contamination.

One way that people are doing this is to use natural cleaning supplies, as many “traditional” cleaning supplies are extremely toxic and dangerous to personal as well as environmental health. Most companies offer a natural alternative to their toxic, chemically based cleaners, and choosing these products will help reduce the amount of run off that can kill and destroy our natural resources.

Choosing natural cleaning products can be tricky, and knowing what to look for is the key to doing this successfully. Most natural cleaning products will be labelled as such, however the regulations on the processes in which the ingredients are obtained are somewhat vague and ambiguous.

Glass cleaners are one of those products that can be particularly difficult to find that are truly all natural. Many companies make these using “natural” ingredients that have been made using processes that can be dangerous to the environment. One of the most common ingredients to glass cleaners is ammonia. This is because it is a solvent that leaves a streak-free shine on glass, porcelain and stainless steel. Ammonia is considered an environmental danger because aquatic animals lack any process to prevent its build-up in the blood system. This is a major chemical to avoid when considering a natural glass cleaner alternative.

One alternative to “traditional” glass cleaning products is to make one’s own. There are resources on the internet as well as in print that have simple, safe and effective recipes for all-natural glass cleaning solutions that are easy to make as well as use. Most of the recipes that can be found for natural glass cleaning solutions have simple ingredients that can be found in most homes or purchased at just about any grocery or department store.

Whatever method one chooses, either to research and purchase an all-natural, or produce a supply from ingredients at home, it is important to understand that glass cleaning products should be used sparingly. Most glass cleaning products are extremely effective and only takes a small amount to get those pesky streaks and smudges off of glass.

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