The Cost Advantages of Solar Lanterns


Away from Home

If you enjoy camping, fishing, hiking or other outdoor activities, you know how nice it is to have a lantern to light your way when it gets dark. If you have small children, they will feel more secure and safe if they have a good strong light. However, a lantern that uses fire for light can be a safety hazard. If it should tip over and ignite some dry grass, the consequences could be disastrous. Ordinary battery powered lanterns only work as long as the battery remains charged – leaving you in the dark when the battery runs down. If the batteries are rechargeable, you must have access to electricity or some other means of recharging them.

Solar lanterns can be a great solution for any lighting problem when you are enjoying the out of doors. Since the sun provides the power for them, you will not need batteries or electricity – and sunshine is free for everyone. Solar lanterns do not have any negative effect on the environment, because they use free power supplied by the sun.

It makes good economic sense to use solar lanterns. After your initial purchase, you will not need to replace batteries that run down – or keep a supply of them on hand. You will not need to have electricity available to recharge batteries. Simply set your solar powered lantern in the sunshine to recharge it, and if you have cloudy days, you can use a hand crank generator to wind it up. You also have the option to use a car charger or electricity to get it recharged.

You will be amazed at the options that are available when you shop for solar lanterns. There are basic lanterns for lighting only and lanterns with added features. You can purchase a solar lantern with radio and alarm, motion detector, blinking signal light, AM/FM weather radio, auto adapter, house adapter, bright LED lights, fluorescent lights and remote control. Some solar charged flashlights come with emergency cell phone chargers. Depending on the model you choose, a fully charged solar lantern could provide light for as long as 20 hours.

At Home

Solar lanterns are not just for outdoor activities away from home. When the weather is pleasant, take advantage of it by spending good quality time with the family in your own back yard. You will not have to stop the fun when the sun goes down if you have some solar lanterns to provide light for you. If those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs hinder your enjoyment of the outdoors, you can purchase a solar bug lantern to help with that problem.

Your yard will be more attractive and appealing with solar lanterns placed strategically for the right effect. There are a variety of styles, shapes and colors available to enhance the charm of your yard or patio. You can find carriage lanterns, lights that resemble flickering candles and lights with covers of bronze, wood, copper, pewter, stainless steel or plastic. These lights come in many different shapes and can be placed on a deck or walk, hung from a post or tree or poked into the ground. You can even get lights shaped like flowers to create an exotic look for your yard.

Lining a path to your front door with small solar lamps gives it a warm and welcoming look, and since the lights are solar powered, you will not have wires to contend with, plug in or trip over. You can just poke them into the ground and forget about them, and the sun will supply the energy to power them.

Lighting your yard with solar power will not increase your electric bill, so you can use as many lights as you like with no extra expense after your initial purchase. You will also feel good about the environmentally friendly aspect of solar lanterns.

Solar lanterns are priced as low as 15.00 for small lamps to light your walkway to around 90.00 for some of the more versatile lanterns like one with AM/FM radio, car charger and wall charger. There are many different prices and options available, and you are sure to find just the right lanterns for camping or boating and for your yard. Family time is important, and it can be more enjoyable with the right lighting.

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