Cathedral Ceiling Design Ideas


Highly likely, you are reading this article because you are in need of design ideas for a room with cathedral ceiling. Such room is often characterized with a ceiling height twice the height of a normal room. Often, it is a dilemma to come up with cathedral ceiling design ideas that will fill up or decorate huge wall spaces.

What color should you paint walls and ceilings with? How do you fill up huge empty walls? What kind of furniture should you use? If you are a proud owner of a house with a cathedral ceiling, then these cathedral ceiling design ideas are guaranteed to help you steer clear of cluttered and tasteless design, and consequently transform your room into a majestic work of art.

Think Museum
Nothing adds more drama and flair in a big, empty wall space than a big, striking painting or picture. A small painting or picture will just get lost in the wide expanse of the wall. If you are to use small ones, make sure to group them together for more impact.

When selecting artworks to grace your bare wall, remember to take the look you’re aiming for into consideration. If you are into traditional look, opt for classically framed painting or picture. For contemporary or modern look, paintings on an unframed canvas are perfect. For a more striking effect, you may also want to consider investing on lights specifically designed to highlight a painting or picture.

A printed art print or an actual painting rarely comes cheap. If you are on a tight budget, colorful fabric or tapestry is an option you can consider.

Opt for Large, Tall Furniture
Cathedral ceiling gives the impression of a grand, wide open space. It is a must to fill that space up or the room will look bare and empty. The first rule of the thumb, when it comes to a room with a cathedral ceiling, is to choose tall and large furniture. With the huge size of the room, choosing small, scrawny furniture will just make the room bigger and the furniture smaller.

Tall bookcases and other tall shelving solutions are perfect for a room with cathedral ceiling. They complement the height of the wall and ceiling, and they emphasize the grandeur of the room. The same goes for chairs and couches. When making a selection, opt for large scale ones in order to avoid the furniture from looking too small or puny for the room.

Experiment with Colors
Take advantage of the fact that there are other colors in the color wheel. White is good choice of color when wanting to make a room look more spacious. But since the cathedral ceiling is already doing its job of opening up a room, you can be daring and experiment with other colors. A striking accent wall is a great way of establishing a focal point. An accent wall may be an interesting color of paint or tasteful wallpaper.

Steer Clear of Fake Architectural Details
One basic rule of tasteful interior decorating is—if it’s not real, steer clear from it. Fake beams, moldings and other faux architectural details are better off avoided at all cost. Some people, just to fill up space, make a mistake of adding fake moldings and trimmings. As a result, the additions are just out of place. There are many ways to decorate that does not involve resorting to fake details.

Enjoy Little Emptiness
Just because there are a lot of empty space means you have to fill them all up. Cathedral ceilings are meant to make a room more spacious and airy. Over accessorizing or over decorating will just defeat the purpose of what these ceilings are originally made for. Go easy on wall décor. Make sure there is enough space in between to actually highlight each piece. An art piece should stand out, but not overwhelm the other pieces beside it.

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