Creating a Better Tomorrow Begins at Home


Creating a better future for ourselves is what is on people’s minds these days; the way we choose to light our homes is a great start. Not only does LED Lighting use up considerably less electricity than standard light bulbs, but it is also a more environmentally friendly choice and saves consumers money over the long run. As with any product on the market, LED Lighting does receive negative feedback, but there is a way to resolve these issues.

Having to pay rent or a mortgage is just one of many bills that people have to pay each month. Being financially responsible is something that every hard working adult has on their mind. Switching to LED Lighting can help make a difference in this. A Light Emitting Diode (LED) has come a long way since it was first introduced in the 1960’s. The process LED Lighting uses is much less expensive in gathering the electricity it needs to form light in comparison to standard light bulbs. Standard light bulbs also reach such extremely hot conditions that a person would hurt themselves if they touched one while lit. The heat that is produced by standard light bulbs also heats up our homes more, causing the air conditioner to work harder when it is on and costing us more. LED Lighting, on the other hand, does not produce the same amount of heat and costs us less.

Initially, many people shy away from the idea of using LED Lighting because it does have a higher cost than standard light bulbs. Although they do cost more, people should inform themselves that it does pay off in the long run from the electricity that is saved. To top it all off, LED Lighting lasts much longer than standard light bulbs. Electricity from lighting our homes uses up approximately 25% of the average home’s costs toward energy; it only makes sense to try to narrow down that percentage.

As an appeal to any home designer enthusiast, or anyone who wants their home to look stylish, LED Lighting also offers a more focused lighting. LED Lighting is capable of focusing light toward a single direction to accentuate different decor throughout the home. LED Lighting comes in different designs and many are water resistant for outdoor use around the home. There are, of course, people that argue against using LED lighting stating that the lighting that is emitted is horrible in the home. To set things straight, studies have shown that LED Lighting is actually a much more flattering light for the face. There are many jewelers that use this light specifically because jewelry stands out more.

Looking good is not the only upside to LED Lighting, but in order to ensure a better tomorrow on this planet, we definitely need to cut back on a lot of what we use in our homes. As mentioned previously, LED Lighting uses up less electricity and contains no mercury in comparison to the incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs that we are used to. Using less electricity does imply saving more money, but it also means that there are less harmful chemicals (e.g. CO2) released onto our planet. If every American replaced just 3 standard bulbs in their homes with Energy Star qualified LED Lighting, it would power 9 million homes with all the electricity saved. There are plenty of companies not even considering further research or development of the regular incandescent lighting we are used to. Many companies are now in full agreement of applying their research and development into definitely making LED lighting standard for all.

Considering that the pros far outweigh the cons, using LED lighting is the way to go. By switching to LED Lighting – a Brighter Future for Energy Efficiency is what the future holds. A simple way of changing the way we light our homes has a better end result for everyone.

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