DIY Fire Pit in a Weekend


There’s nothing like enjoying the company of family and friends under the stars sitting around a fire. What could be better? Having bragging rights to say, “I made it, myself”. Fire pits are a great accessory to any backyard and can be completed in a weekend. There are 5 basic steps to making your own fire pit.

1- Placement, Shape and Size
You need to figure out where you’re going to place you fire pit and what size it will be. Make sure you account for any overhanging trees and power lines. Make sure you have plenty of space between the fire and anything else that is flammable. The shape can be determined by placement and preference. If you are fitting the pit around something, you might need a specific shape. If there is plenty of room, the shape is solely up to your discretion then. Also, the size is based on how much room you have, what you are fitting the pit around and what you plan to use the pit for. Again, if there is plenty of room, the size is up to your discretion.

2- Pick Your Materials
Decide what material you want the walls to your fire pit made out of. You can choose from brick, stone and other natural materials. Price can vary greatly for different materials. Also, the shape and size of your ring can determine what material you want to use. Fire pits should be at least 30″ in diameter. Factor in intended use when deciding on the material. If you plan on using a grate on your fire pit, you will want a material that will allow for a flat top for stability.

3- Footing
It’s always a good idea to level the area and lay a footing before you lay any materials down. Start by marking your area by using spray paint so you can keep on track with size and shape. Next, dig a shallow area the width of your wall materials. Pour concrete at least 2″ deep. This will be your base for your wall materials.

4 – Build your walls
The next step is to build your walls once the concrete has set. As you build your walls, you will need to secure them. If you chose bricks, make sure you reinforce it with rebar. Use mortar between layers of bricks or stone. The walls should be at least 12″ high. You want to make sure you have enough wall height to contain the flames. Make sure the walls are flat and level on top if you are intending on using a grate.

5 – Finish Touches
You can choose a number of finishing touches. You can use decorative capstones as the top levels of the fire pit. Flagstone, decorative bricks and a number of other materials make great capstones. In addition to capstones, you can choose decorative or multi-functional grates. A modern touch is fire pit glass. Special glass can be purchased that resides in the bottom of fire pits. Place glass inside the pit if you installed a gas pit. If using a wood fire pit, place glass on the outer rim at the base of the fire pit for a punch of color.

A fire pit project is a wonderful first home project to start. You can start the project on Friday after work. By Sunday evening, you and your friends can be sitting by a roaring fire enjoying the company and the stars.

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