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When you are moving into a new home, or apartment, there are various home security considerations to keep in mind.  There are obvious steps you can take once you get everything moved in.  These steps can include:

•    changing locks
•    adding locks
•    installing security screens

However, the crime rate in your new community, you will not be able to control.  The following paragraphs will help you to determine what level of security you will need in your new home, or apartment.


One of the best things you can do to help you to assess which level of home security you will need is to familiarize yourself with your new neighbors.  Most often, you will not get a bias opinion from neighbors, as you would from a real estate agent or apartment manager.  Ask your new neighbors what they think of the neighbors in regards to home security, as well as personal safety.   Some specific topics you should consider discussing include:

•    crime rates
•    school systems
•    police response time

The more neighbors you can talk to, the idea you will have as to what level of security you will need in your new home or apartment.

Neighborhood Watch

Another consideration you should make when you move into a new home or apartment is whether or not a neighborhood watch program is in place.  Various studies have shown that neighborhood watch programs have great success in reducing crime in many communities.  If there is no such program in the area you are moving, you may want to discuss organizing one with your new neighbors.  Neighborhood watch programs are a great way to boost home security, as well as increase your personal safety.

Crime Statistics

When you are moving into a new home or apartment, and you are concerned about your home security, you should consider checking the crime statistics in your new area.  Depending on the area you move to, you may be able to locate the information you need via the internet.  If you cannot find the crime statistics in your area online, pay a visit to your local police department.  They will have the information you seek.

While you are at the police station, ask to speak with the officer that most often patrols your neighborhood or community.  By discussing your security and safety concerns with a patrol officer, you are more likely to relieve valuable information to help you determine what level of home security you will need in your new home.

Existing Home Security Measures

In order to properly assess the level of home security you will need in your new home, you must take into consideration the security features already present.  Check you new home for strong and secure windows and doors.  Check for basic safety detectors.  These detectors can include:

•    fire detectors
•    natural gas detectors
•    carbon monoxide detectors

Is there a current alarm system installed?  If not, you may want to consider adding one, depending upon the research you do.  It is also important to check other aspects of your home, such as the condition of gas, water, as well as electric lines.  This will help you to determine whether or not you are at risk for in-house dangers that can harm your family.

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