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When people are looking to protect the valuables in their home, they tend to glaze over their garage. Most will figure that since their garage door is made from metal or thick wood that it’s secure, but there are actually a number of exploitable weaknesses there. It only takes a thief a minute to walk off with the valuable things in garage, or worse, get into your home. I want to offer some simple home security tips for your garage in this post, so you can keep your family and your valuables safe.

The easiest thing for you to fix is also the easiest for thieves to take advantage of. Your garage door opener has a set of pins inside of it that can be adjusted to set a unique code that opens your garage. This is great for security, but most people never change it and have it set to the generic code that it came with. There are usually ten or twelve pins in the garage door opener, and they come set with only one or two of them changed. That means that a thief has a one in ten, or one in twenty chance of figuring out your garage door code! Prevent this by changing your code to something more creative, and adjust the setting on the motor to match. You don’t have to remember the code, so make it as crazy as you want!

While looking at your garage door, be sure to inspect each of the panels to make sure that they are solid. Garage door panels aren’t too tough to replace. You can usually just repair them, but if you need a new one they are available from your door’s manufacturer.

Installing a garage door lock is always a great idea as well. It might seem like over kill to do this on an automatic garage door, but you will definitely use it when you’re spending time away from home. Many garage doors come with locks already installed on them, but the generic ones are usually weak and easy for thieves to pick. Upgrading the lock is very simple, and can be done by the average homeowner with a set of tools.

If there are other entry points into your garage, like a door or window, check them to judge their security. It’s always a good idea to make any exterior doors that lead to your garage more secure than your front door. The reasoning behind this is that they are on the side of your house and out of plain sight, giving thieves more time to work on getting the door open without being detected. Have a solid door knob and deadbolt lock to keep the bad guys out.

Windows in the garage are much harder to protect because they are so easy to break. If you are serious about protecting your garage, the best way to make a major improvement is to add bars to the window. That might feel like a drastic measure, but it’s the most secure addition for a window. Another, less obtrusive, way to help protect the windows in your garage is to have them alarmed with the rest of your home’s windows. Obviously, you need a home alarm for this to work, but it also works to deter thieves. Once the alarm is installed, add a sticker to the window to remind anyone trying to break in that the window is protected.

The third level of garage door security is the door that leads into your house (if you have one). Most people will assume that their garage door is good enough to keep bad guys out, but what happens when they do get in? They walk right into your house! If you’ve followed the steps above you will deter most thieves, but with some simple upgrades to the door that leads inside, you will stop the most persistent burglars. Install a door knob that locks from the inside of the home and a deadbolt to keep your family safe inside.

Home alarm systems is a billion dollar industry, but people rarely add any security to their garage! Follow the tips above to protect your home and family from the burglars who know that garages are one of the home’s weakest points.

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