How to Replace your Dead Bolt Lock


Dead bolt locks are excellent for security purposes.  Consumers can purchase a dead bolt lock in many locations, including but not limited to home improvement stores, security device stores, discount stores, and online sites.  Installing a deadbolt lock is a simple task, as is replacing a dead bolt lock that has ceased to work properly.

Occasionally, a dead bolt will cease to work properly and it will become necessary to replace it.  In fact, some consumers may simply choose to replace the model they currently have for superficial reasons, such as the way it looks.

Prior to beginning the task, assemble the necessary tools.  Not only will this insure that you have all of the necessary items, but it will also shorten the time to complete the task.  The initial step to replace a dead bolt is to remove the old one from the door.

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that are located on the inside section of the dead bolt.  At this point, it is important that you observe how the pieces are fitted together and the lock comes apart.

Next, take hold of both pieces of the lock and pull them apart as you pull them away from the door, being careful not to drop any pieces.  Remember to remove the screws that are located on the plate that held the lock.

After you remove the new lock from the packaging, you are ready to place it in the open hole in the door.  Begin by, taking the new screws provided with the new lock and inserting them into the plate of the dead bolt lock as you secure it to the door.

It is extremely important to make sure that the plate is flush with the door.  If the plate does not sit flush with the paneling of the door, then it is probably necessary for you to enlarge the opening in the door a bit before continuing with the rest of the installation.  Make sure that you tighten the screws sufficiently before moving on to the next step.

Pick up both pieces of the lock and simultaneously insert them into the opening while attempting to align them properly.  It may take a bit of adjustment to get them into the proper alignment.  Next, once you are positive that they are snuggly fitted, secure both pieces to the door, using the screws that came with the lock.

The best way to ensure that you have placed the dead bolt lock on properly is to give it a trial run, and then several more.  It is best to have someone else at home at this point or to leave another door unlocked, just in case something goes awry.  Test the lock from both sides of the door to guarantee that it is working properly.  If no problems arise, then, you have successfully completed the task of replacing the dead bolt lock on your door.

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