How to Select the Most Secure Floor or Wall Safe


When it comes to protecting your valuables, a floor or wall safe is an excellent defense against burglary, provided the safe is secure.  Selecting the most secure floor or wall safe is not merely a matter of finding the cheapest or largest safe available.  There are actually specific items you should look for when selecting a safe.


When selecting a secure floor or wall safe, keep in mind the locations available for installation.  A safe loses some levels of security if it is not mounted in the way for which it was designed.  In-floor safes, for example, are only rated according to what the door can withstand, and some models even feature plastic walls.  This is because the safe is designed to be mounted in a solid concrete slab.

Key Elements

Whether purchasing a floor or wall safe, there are three key elements to look for:

  • Ratings.  A safe should have an Underwriters Laboratories or a residential security container (RSC) rating.  If it does not, that is your first indication of a lack of quality.  Those ratings will tell you what security features are included in the construction of the safe and, in the case of Underwriters Laboratories, how long it took professionals to break into the safe.
  • Price.  An expensive safe is not necessarily more secure than an affordable model. You may have to shop around to get a price within your budget, but the price itself does not tell you how secure the floor or wall safe is.  Consider the insurance premiums you have to remit and compare with the one time investment of installing a safe.  In other words, you are buying life time insurance for your valuables when you are going for a safe.
  • Type of safe.  Fire-resistant safes are rated to withstand fire and heat, while burglary safes are designed to withstand a burglar’s attack.  If you need both types of protection, look for a composite safe that is made to withstand both types of attack.

Regardless of whether you choose a floor safe or wall safe, selecting the most secure model involves evaluating your needs and options.  Look at the safe to determine whether it is made of quality materials and has a security rating.  In addition, consider the type of safe that you need and the location available for installing it.  By taking the time to shop around and consider your options, you will have no trouble locating the most secure floor or wall safe at a price you can afford.

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