Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors- Placing Them In Other Parts Of Your Home


An illuminated mirror is an essential component of a master bedroom decor. Whether the master bath is used by a man, woman, or both, there is always a need for a mirror when getting ready for work or for social events. In many situations, it is convenient to have an illuminated tabletop mirror as well as an illuminated wall mirror. You might be surprised to discover that illuminated bathroom mirrors can be useful in various locations throughout your home.

If you have just moved into your first home, you may find decorating it to be somewhat of a challenge. Lighting is an important tool for creating a specific atmosphere in a room. Illuminated bathroom mirrors can help you achieve the look you desire in locations other than the bathroom. They can also be a very functional choice of lighting for specific areas.

One of first things you need to do when contemplating lighting options is to explore the variety of styles available. Illuminated bathroom mirrors can be found with a chrome finish, a copper or brushed copper finish, or brushed nickle finish. Some models are battery operated which gives you the opportunity to use them in locations where adding wiring might not be a logical option. You have the choice of mirror shapes and options of how much light is actually emitted. Obviously, the price of the lighting fixtures you choose will also be a consideration. Illuminated mirrors come in a wide variety of prices which makes them a possible option for most decorating budgets.

If you are fortunate enough to have a large walk-in closet in your master bedroom, You could use a lighted mirror in there. This would be a helpful feature when making wardrobe and accessory selections. An illuminated tabletop mirror would be very useful on a vanity table in your bedroom. Illuminated wall mirrors that emit a soft light could be used to create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

There is a style of illuminated bathroom mirror that has a glass shelf and a clip on chrome spotlight as part of its design. You could hang this mirror in numerous areas of your home. If you place one or two artfully attractive items on the shelf, the reflection in the lighted mirrors amplifies their beauty and you have a wonderful focal point for a living room or dining room wall.

You could use one or more battery operated mirror lights with a long life LED bulb to illuminate areas of your home such as a hallway or staircase. This type of light could also be used to softly brighten dark corners of any room. Battery operated lights can be very helpful when placed in a storage closet or cabinet. A foyer is a very practical place to hang a decorative illuminated mirror. If your home doesn’t have a foyer, you can hang a small lighted wall mirror near the door so that you can check your appearance before leaving home or opening the door to guests.

A table top lighted mirror would be a nice addition to a guest bedroom. Because of the soft light that certain styles of bathroom illuminated mirrors provide, they would be a good choice of lighting to include in a nursery. Mirrors can be used to make any small space seem larger. Chrome lighted mirrors provide an extra bonus. They can brighten up a dark space and the reflective quality of the chrome adds to the reflective quality of the mirror.

When decorating your home, you should keep an open mind and exercise your creative skills whenever you encounter a decorating challenge. Sometimes, something like a bathroom mirror can be used in various places and in a variety of ways other than in the most traditional manner.

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