Proper Chimney Repair Can Save Your Life


Many homeowners have the desire to tackle as many home improvement and repair projects as possible. Some do so in an effort to save money on repairs. Others do so because they simply enjoy taking a hands-on approach with their home. They want to pour their energy and sweat into their home to maintain and even improve its condition. When it comes to chimney repair, some repairs can be done by a homeowner. However, other repairs are best left to the professionals to ensure the safety of you and your family.

What Could Happen
A chimney is a vital component to a home with a fireplace. It is the route that smoke, hot air and even ash travel up and out of your home when you are burning a fire on cold days and nights. Its structural integrity, however, can become weakened or damaged due to the effects of time, the elements and regular use. A chimney that is in poor repair or that has not been repaired properly can increase fire damage in your home. It could also create a structural issue that could lead to collapse of the chimney. Another possibility is that carbon monoxide could leak into your home. These are all issues that could affect the safety of your home’s inhabitants, so you do want to take steps to ensure a chimney in need of repair is repaired properly and quickly.

Repairs You May Do On Your Own
Some chimney repairs are fairly basic, and a skilled homeowner may make these repairs with relative ease. One such repair is the replacement of flashing. Flashing may fall away from the home or may become damaged or loose over time. This is the sheeting that serves as a waterproof barrier in the area where the roof meets the chimney. This is one of several repairs that a homeowner with a ladder and the right tools and materials could replace with ease.

When to Call a Professional
Any repairs needed inside the chimney as well as cracks in the outside of the chimney should be performed by a professional. Some more significant repairs may require a special building permit before they can be performed. A chimney repair professional can advise you if the permit is needed and may assist you with the process of applying for one. A professional has the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure your more significant chimney issues are addressed with your safety as well as the structural integrity of your home in mind. When in doubt, it is best to call a chimney repair company for an inspection as well as a quote for repairs. The chimney repair professional will be able to tell you exactly what work needs to be done on your chimney, and you can then decide if this is work that you feel comfortable doing on your own.

If you do choose to call a professional, keep in mind that you want to work with a profescompany that offers years of experience and who is highly reputable in the local community. If a chimney repair job is too significant or large for you to tackle on your own, you certainly do not want just any repairman working on your home. With the safety of your family and the structural integrity of your home at stake, you want to take steps to find the best professional for the job.

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