Things to Consider When Installing a Bathtub


There are many reasons why a homeowner would want to install a new bathtub unit in their home. Some of the more common reasons are that their existing bathtub is in poor condition or looks worn out, they want to increase their home’s value, they want the benefits of a specialty bathtub such as a whirlpool model or the current bathtub unit does not suit their needs for various reasons such as needing an easily accessible unit that is designed for wheelchairs or elderly people. There are some things to consider when you do plan on installing a new bathtub unit in your home. Some of the questions you should ask yourself prior to installing the tub include:

Do you need to pull any special permits prior to installing your new bathtub unit? Most local zoning boards require that the homeowner apply for a permit whenever they make any type of major remodeling or construction changes on their property, including inside of their home. There are some people that try to bypass this law. This can result in fines and fees being imposed on the homeowner that can be quite expensive. There is even the possibility that the zoning board will demand that you remove any of the products or materials that you used in the construction or installation of your new bathtub.

Are there any major construction issues that you will need to do to get your new bathtub in or your old bathtub unit out? One piece bathtub units are often times to big to fit through doorways or hallways of the home. In this case an exterior wall will need to be removed to fit your bathtub unit in. Homeowners rarely expect this type of need when they want to install a new unit in their home until it is too late. Removing and replacing exterior walls of the home structure can be very expensive to do. Serious consideration should be given when doing this type of bathtub installation. Whirlpool and Jacuzzi style tubs are one of the more common types of bathtub units that require this type of service.

Will your plumbing pipes line up for your new bathtub or do you need to have them changed around? Not all bathtub units are set up the same where the plumbing is concerned. If your new bathtub unit is set up with the plumbing to come in at the opposite end than what your existing bathtub does, you may need to change your current water and drainage pipes. If you are not experienced in this area you will want to contact a professional plumber to help you do this. You do not want water problems in your walls or under your floors once you have your new tub unit installed.

Will you need to reinforce the floor or the bottom of the bathtub unit for stability? If you are planning on purchasing heavier model bathtub units such as the whirlpools or Jacuzzis that have motors installed on them, this may mean that your floor needs to be reinforced to support the weight. Some fiberglass bathtub and shower units should also be reinforced to add support to the bottom of the unit so that it does not crack or break with constant pressure being placed on it.

Do you have the financial means for installing the bathtub if unexpected issues show up? Before you begin your new bathtub installation project, you should make sure that you have the financial means to handle any unexpected issues, such as the need for a plumber, construction materials that may be needed or plumbing products that may need to be replaced. This will prevent the devastation of beginning a project you cannot finish.

Do you need to have an inspection once your new bathtub unit is installed? Having your new bathtub unit inspected once it is installed is a good idea for the homeowner. This will help to insure that you will not have any major repair issues such as broken water pipes or drainage pipes that can run into major costs. Many homeowners who have opted to install their own bathtub units have found that these issues can go undetected for several months. During this time severe damage is being done behind your walls and floors.

Performing your own bathtub installation can produce great results as long as you know what to expect and where to look for problems before they can become a problem. Being educated prior to starting your do-it-yourself project can save you a great deal of time and money in the long run, which is the whole purpose for many people to do their own bathtub installation in the first place.

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