Tips For Building an Outdoor Fire Pit


When you’re newly married and have just bought your first home, it can be difficult finding ways to make it your own, especially if you’re on a tight budget. What might be the perfect change to match your style? Perhaps you’re interested in remodeling one or more of your rooms. Maybe you want to try some landscaping to perk up your yard. One idea to consider is building an outdoor fire pit. A project that won’t break the bank, building a fire pit could be just what you’re looking for.

Imagine a cool autumn night, sitting snuggled up in front of your fire pit, enjoying its warmth while roasting marshmallows or hot dogs. You can cook on your fire pit just like a grill. Or you can invite guests over and use it as a bonfire. It doesn’t matter because a fire pit is a much safer way to have a fire in the open air. You can easily build a fire pit and add a functional decoration as well.

Fire pits are usually round and made out of bricks or stone. While you can also buy already made fire pits, it is relatively easy to build one, and the sense of accomplishment when you’re finished can’t be matched. The only tools you need are a shovel and a collection of bricks or stones roughly the size of a tennis ball.

Before starting the work on your fire pit, you should consider laying out the stones in a circle so you’ll get an idea of size. Take a look at your yard and decide on the best location, then lay out the stones. Be sure to choose a spot with lots of room surrounding it for the times you have guests. Also look for the presence of flammable structures nearby as well as overhead wires. You should check with your local government and find out what the ordinances are in your area in the event you need a permit. It makes more sense to have all the bases covered rather than risk paying a fine later on.

Once all your preparations have been made, you can start building your fire circle. With the stones in place or with string, rope or some other material that can be bent to make a shape, start digging the hole to a depth of six inches. Once you finish digging it’s time to lay out the stones or bricks if you didn’t do that first. At this point you can decide whether to go with a more complex theme that might include materials for building a higher wall of rock or brick to surround the pit. If you’re not inclined to go that route, the fire pit is essentially finished. You might consider making or buying a mesh type cover for it when the fire is going in order to prevent sparks from flying away. It’s time for you to enjoy your fire pit, knowing it was built by your own hands.

If you prefer buying a ready made fire pit, there are a variety available, usually made of metal and already formed to a circle for your convenience. All you have to do is set up the fire pit where you want it and then dig a hole inside the metal circle. You will need to dig down to a depth of six inches, the same as with the fire pit you make yourself. Once you’ve finished digging, your fire pit is ready for a fire. In the course of a weekend you can have a great addition to your yard for your own enjoyment or for a party with your guests.

Having your own fire pit is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in any season. Building a fire with wood, charcoal or even propane to cook or just enjoy the flames can add a new dimension to your outdoor life.

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