Why Designing Your Own Deck Can Be a Cool Process


You may or may not have designed anything for a house before, but now designing your own deck may sound like a project you want to accomplish. If you really want to design your own deck for the outside of your home, be advised that it’s not going to be something you can get done in an hour – it will take some time and adequate patience.

Before you start sketching your deck design idea out, you will need to think about what you want. Are you going to need a built-in barbecue area for your deck, or do you just want to wheel the barbecue grill out there when you want to cook? Typically, built-in barbecue areas can look wonderful and do improve the general look of the deck. However, not all people are or want to become a person who grills all the time. If you are not into cooking food all that much, it may not be a good idea for you to design your deck with a built-in barbecue station.

Do you want a bench seating area for a few (or many) people when they come over for a visit? Do you want a bench seating area on your deck at all? Some people may choose to have built-in benches drawn in the design of their deck. If you have a very large number of friends and/or family members, it could be an excellent idea to at least design your deck with a couple of built-in benches. If you do want built-in benches, then consider whether or not you want any storage area underneath them. If so, you may want to think about designing your deck with built-in benches that have an under-the-seat storage area. These can be extremely convenient to store a few outdoor items in.

Even if you have bench seating, you will be in need of an area for your relatives or friends to sit at so they can eat food outside. This is where the patio set comes into play. You will need a patio set that can accommodate as many people as you think you may ever have outside on your deck. This can mean having to buy extra chairs for the patio set as well. When you are thinking about what type of patio set you want, you will want to think about what types and colors of fabrics you want your patio chairs to be covered in. Also realize that the bigger patio set you need, the more deck space you will need to place the patio set on.

After you have considered all the above things, it is likely time for you to get busy sketching out your deck plan. If you don’t consider yourself to be all that great at sketching things, you can always hire someone to do the sketching for you. If you have had prior experience with drafting architectural projects before, you can probably do the sketching work yourself. If not, you can always hire an architect to do it for you. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an expert at sketching, you can likely create just a rough sketch for a basic design reference point.

After you have sketched out or had someone else sketch out the design of your deck, you will need to get accurate dimensions of where the deck is going to go. Make sure you have an abundance of room to place the deck where you want to put it. It wouldn’t be a good thing for you to start building the deck, only to find out that there isn’t as much room to put it there as you thought. After you get the dimensions measured for your deck building project, you can buy the tools and lumber that are required to actually build the deck.

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