Why You Need an Exhaust Fan in Your Kitchen


Most modern kitchens have multiple functions. They serve as the areas we cook and eat, recharging ourselves physically, but as the center of many homes, they also function as the places we de-stress mentally. Kitchens give us space to relax and commune with our family members in a peaceful environment that supplies all our comforts. When a kitchen is unwelcoming, the home is as well, so making sure our spaces are clean and inviting is a huge part of home care.

There’s more to messes than meets the eye, and although you may be a diligent cleaner, you can’t manage everything on your own. In addition to the dust and debris you can easily see following a messy recipe session, cooking with heat generates gasses that lead to messes in other places. Kitchen exhaust fans that remove smoke, fumes and pollutant particles are necessary components of any cooking endeavor. Here are a few of the benefits of maintaining the exhaust fans in your kitchen.

If you cook with gas, you know that you should never leave it on, at risk of suffocation, fire or other serious, potentially fatal injuries. An exhaust fan does not negate this rule, but it makes using your gas a bit more comfortable, allowing heated air and vapors to escape your home immediately. Combustion can create deadly carbon monoxide gas, which is colorless and odorless. Smoke from overcooked meals and burned baking projects can quickly overwhelm anyone, but with a good exhaust fan and range hood to suck all these threats away, you can experiment without fear.

Cleanliness and Convenience
Smoke and steam carry heavy particles and oils that can really make a mess of your kitchen cabinets, walls and ceilings, leaving stains wherever they touch. Surprisingly, even grease travels through air, forming a mist that can quickly coat parts of your kitchen far away from where you’re cooking. These gasses are at a high temperature which also causes wallpaper to peel, paint to chip and wood paneling to warp. Over time, such regular material damages to your home will necessitate total replacement and renovation. Exhaust fans prevent you from having to continually maintain and retreat your kitchen fixtures.

Steam also makes it harder to cook, because it’s difficult to stir and attend to dishes when you’re constantly being burned by the hot gasses escaping them. Exhaust fans are designed to remove these scalding clouds rapidly, ensuring your entire kitchen doesn’t fill up each time you decide to boil some water. Fans are usually built into a range hood, a shaped metal device that funnels gasses up and out of your way. leading to more comfortable, temperate areas that have a good amount of air flow where you need it the most. Some also come with built-in lights, a godsend when it comes to stove-top preparation.

Exhaust Fan Maintenance
If you already have an exhaust fan, it’s easy to take care of. By simply cleaning or replacing the filter panels when they become dirty, cleaning the blades and assembly with a damp paper towel or rag soaked with your favorite kitchen cleaner and running your fan regularly, you can guarantee years of comfortable kitchen use. When replacing old fans, make sure to install the appropriate size metal ducting as per manufacturer instructions, and always cover any outlets on the outside of your house with screen or vent caps to prevent the intrusion of animals or debris.

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