A Home Video Surveillance System Is Vital


Most people think that video surveillance is most often used for schools, banks and gas stations to catch thieves in the act or for taping spouses that are behaving badly; but they are used for much more than that. They were first used in police stations for monitoring, in train stations, and to survey traffic flow. Insurance companies find them helpful with fraudulent claims.

Now it is common for property owners to use surveillance cams to keep rental homes secure. Parents have used them for years to monitor their children, housekeepers or other domestic contractors. Today, there are many types of home video surveillance units to choose from for the homeowner. They are a reliable and inexpensive way to protect the home and family; whether you are at home or away on business. It is a fact that when a video surveillance device is installed, you feel safer about the security of your home and pets. The peace of mind they offer is invaluable and most insurance companies will give discounts to homeowners that have them.

It is a great way to not only arm the interior of your home, but the exterior as well. Most of the time a burglar will enter through the front door or through the garage. Once inside, your family is vulnerable to harm. If your valuables are in clear sight (antiques, computers, cameras, silverware), it is a good idea to mount a home video surveillance unit near the door to get a clear shot of the intruder coming in or leaving.

Even if he cannot get inside the door from the garage, your tools, lawn equipment or other assets may be stolen. Some people make their living with their tools and having to buy everything again could set them back financially. If you live on a large lot it is a also a good idea to have the home video surveillance system set up in the barn, storeroom, shed and pool house; drastically preventing a home invasion. Some people think that since they live in the country they are less likely to be robbed, when in fact they are a prime target since they are so far out. The more remote your location, the more time someone has to steal from you.

Thieves are bolder than ever before. However, as home video surveillance systems have gotten technically more advanced, so have the ways in which thieves use to enter the home. Just having padlocks, chains and a dog is not enough. They will not deter someone who is intent upon coming in on your family, and they could very well do harm to your beloved pet. While most home burglaries mainly occur at night, statistics show that as the economy worsens, dishonest people are getting much more determined to support themselves. They are taking more chances and breaking in during broad daylight. Every 15 seconds someone’s residence is robbed, which is a higher average than just a year ago. Crime is on the rise and anyone who has ever had this happen to them knows how important it is to protect their family and property. For this reason, a home video surveillance camera is priceless.

Most work tirelessly for their family, property and valuables. Why should someone have the right to come in and harm your family or take things that do not belong to them? Whether you want to have it for additional security measures or to simply use as a deterrent to keep your teen inside at night, they are definitely an important device that will help manage your life. It is a known fact that burglars have said that if they notice a home video surveillance system somewhere on the property, they will immediately abandon that property and head for easier prospects. Why wait to arm your home after it has been broken into? It is smarter to take action now before something happens.

Unfortunately, it is a different world in which we live in today. Gone are the days when doors and windows were left unlocked. Protect yourself and your family with a home video surveillance system.

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