Different Types Of Outdoor Speaker Systems


When trying to make your backyard the ultimate party and hangout place, it’s important to check out lots of different types of outdoor speaker systems. There are more than you probably think, some are designed to be off of the patio, while others are supposed to stay out of the elements. Either way, do your homework before shopping. Start right here by learning about the different types of outdoor speakers!

The biggest difference between outdoor speakers and the type that you have hooked up to your surround sound system is their ability to withstand the elements outdoors. They are tightly sealed to keep dirt and water out, which indirectly improves their sound. All speaker boxes are sealed, but the more air tight they are, the more sound they can push out through the speaker. Different levels of weatherproofing are available, and the ones that sit out in yard or around the pool are much more protected than those that are designed for the patio.

Wireless outdoor speaker systems are becoming the norm. These are usually controlled by the receiver that is inside the house (the same that will control your TV). In most cases these will be mounted on the walls or pillars of your patio, or on stands that can be moved around the yard. One of the best things about patio speakers is that you don’t have any odd acoustics from walls to deal with, the biggest problem you’ll run into is driving your neighbors crazy!

Wired outdoor speakers work just as well as their wireless counterparts, but their installation is much more permanent. Generally, you will run the wires from the receiver through the walls and ceiling to the speakers, so extra planning is involved. You can run speaker wire along the ceiling or walls, rather than inside the walls, but it doesn’t take abuse from the elements well. It is best to protect the speaker wire by concealing it.

Many serious audiophiles are on the fence about another type outdoor speaker systems. These are the ones that are disguised as a rock or a pot. They certainly have their novelty factor, but work surprisingly well. If you’re looking for something that will blend in with the garden, these are for you. Keep in mind that you aren’t going to fool anyone with them, it’s pretty obvious that they’re speakers, but they will blend with the rest of your garden. Rock speakers are the most common, but there also flower pots, planters, columns, and even tree trunks!

A well planned outdoor speaker system will usually be comprised of all of these different types of speakers. The indoor receiver, or a dedicated outdoor one, will power all of them. The first step is to plan out the permanent installation of wired speakers. Ceiling and wall mounted speakers should usually be installed out of direct sunlight and under the patio. Wireless speakers are best when they have their own stands so you can position them wherever you want in your backyard. This way you can bring them indoors when finished with them. Be sure to test the range of your wireless receiver first to see how far you can move them away from the receiver. Rock and column speakers get a permanent installation, so plan out their location in an inconspicuous area.

There a lot of different types of outdoor speaker systems, so knowing what your options are is the best thing to do before doing any shopping. With most installations, you will pick and choose from each type to suit your tastes, needs, and the size of your backyard. The perfect blend of speakers will provide even volume over all of the areas that you want it. This prevents the imbalance of music that is too loud in one area, but hard to hear in others. It will take some trial and error, but it’s very easy when you have wireless speakers on your side!

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