Free Home Security Systems: Are They Really Free?


If you’re shopping around for a free home security system, look no further.” That’s the claim that many home security systems are using these days. The truth behind this is that the term free actually gets them in the door. The old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, may actually be the case in this scenario, but you can decide for yourself.

Many home security systems are offering a “free” home system. What you get for free an “all in one” wireless keypad, siren, control panel and dialer. The problem with a wireless system is that they don’t offer security in a situation where your batteries go dead. The reason they give you the wireless start-up set is because they don’t have to hire an electrician to come out and install it, there’s basically no setup required. The companies don’t want to pay good technicians, so they find anyone who can hang a picture frame and teach them how to program your wireless unit. You would definitely want one hardwired to your home, so in the case of an emergency, they still work. When you get these “free” monitors, you will have to purchase other pieces of equipment to protect your windows, doors, and other vulnerable areas of your home that intruders may enter.
If you plan to still go with a “free” company think about this: You’re going to have to pay more upfront than you bargained for, just for extra security.

The next drawback to having a “free” system is that you have a contract with this company, many for the life of your alarm. This means you don’t ever own your alarm system, but the company does. They can change your monthly rates, add fees and penalties, and there are usually early termination fees if you cancel your plan before the contract expires. I know you’re thinking, “Just what we need another contract.”

Many wonder why you shouldn’t just take the free system, and upgrade it for an additional cost. What would be the benefit of paying up front for your system? Most companies that don’t offer “free” monitoring, charge upwards of $300-$400 for the same system the “free” guys give you. The benefit is that you can pick the security level that you want for your home and protection that best suits your needs. You also have the advantage of not having a contract. You are able to shop around and price compare. No one can make you keep their service if you buy your own equipment, and your rates tend to be lower because you own your own hardware.

The plus side to having any home monitoring system is that it usually lowers renters or homeowners insurance rates, so the money you put into having a system, can save you money elsewhere. Many people are looking into other routes of home security, such as guard dogs, deadbolts, and landscaping with bushes in front of windows.

Either route you choose for home security is better than no security at all. Peace of mind is worth a whole lot more than dollars and cents. Just remember, if all else fails, stick a home security sign in your yard and hope for the best!

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