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Installing a home theater turns your living room into a cinema. Or at least it should, if you buy the right equipment. Immersing your living room in surround sound and placing a high definition flat television screen on your wall can be a very satisfying decision. Still, having enough money to buy a home theater system is not enough to get the job done. It will take some planning in order to set up your system in such a way that it looks right and meets your standards.

Of course, the first thing you will need is the approval of your family. Believe it or not, not everybody wants their cozy living room to be transformed into a home theater. Decide if you will want to set it up in the living room or a secondary room like a den.

The next thing you will need to decide is what type of television you want. Undoubtedly you will want to upgrade to a high definition TV if you haven’t already, but there are two different types of flat screens: plasma and LCD. The main reason to choose a plasma screen over an LCD screen is size limitations. Plasma screens can be built larger than LCDs. Still, the technology for LCDs is improving rapidly, and they are being built larger every day. Plasma screens are also known for being more likely to break down. A newer option is an LED screen. These are brighter than LCD screens and offer a winder range of colors. Make sure that your television can be hooked up to a Blu-ray player, and that it is compatible with anything else you may want to hook up to it such as a game console or even your computer.

Undoubtedly you will need a system to watch your movies. A Blu-ray player is currently the best option on the market. They provide you with video with a 1080p resolution, allowing you to get the most out of your television. They also provide you with 6.1 surround sound in crystal clarity. With the right speaker system this will make it sound as if you are really in the movie.

Surround sound systems usually come with five speakers. There are three in the front and two in the back. Make sure to follow the directions carefully when setting up your surround sound system, because if it is set up improperly it will seem like the sounds are coming from the wrong place. In addition to this, special effects and dialogue are produced differently. Surround sound allows for different types of sound to be played at the same time in different locations. The sub woofer gives movies the deep thrum associated with explosions and other sounds that cause your room to vibrate.

Make sure that you buy the highest quality cables available. A state of the art system is useless if the signals being sent to your speakers are being distorted by your cables.

Protect your home theater from power surges. Get a surge protector and make sure everything in your home theater runs through the surge protector. The last thing you want is to lose all of your expensive equipment as the result of a lightning storm.

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