How to Buy and Position a Fake Security Camer


If you are like most people, the security of your home and family are major concerns.  While many people would love to have the added safety of home security systems, not everyone is able to afford them.  Fortunately, fake security cameras provide an effective, low-cost alternative for protecting your home and family.

Buying a Fake Security Camera

As with real security cameras, fake security cameras have a variety of available features.  These features are meant to enhance the overall appearance of the fake cameras, making them appear real.  In fact, with most fake security cameras, the only way to know for sure that they are not real is to take them apart.  Increasing your home security is as easy as choosing the right feature, or combination of features, for you.

  • Flashing light.  Some dummy cameras come with a flashing, or LED, light that makes it look as though there is power connected to the camera.
  • Panning action.  Some dummy cameras pan, or move from side to side, making it appear that the camera is sweeping the property during surveillance.
  • Housing.  Most dummy cameras come with actual security camera housings, or housings that look like those on a real camera.
  • Style.  Dummy cameras can be purchased in dome or bullet styles, with dome styles appearing to have a 360-degree view and bullet styles appearing to be taking close-up images.
  • Structure.  As with real video security cameras, dummy cameras are available with both indoor and outdoor housing.  Be sure to choose the right one for your installation.

Positioning a Fake Security Camera

The location that you choose for your fake security camera is an important part of how effective the camera is.  Fake security cameras can be used alone or as an addition to real security cameras already in place.  For home use, position cameras near entrances and, if possible, near corners of the home to make it appear as though the entire outside of the home is being monitored.  For business use, position cameras near the entrance, the back corners, and around any loading dock.

Fake security cameras are a great way to protect your home and family on a limited budget.  By giving the appearance of enhanced security measures, you can keep burglars and trespassers away from your loved ones.  These cameras come in different styles, with different features, so buying is merely a matter of choosing the product you want that is within your budget.

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