How X10 Works


The x10 is a much modified part of home technology and it works by sending and receiving high frequencies. These waves are then caught by the receiver and ten they react according to it. We all know that if house automation is to be achieved then x10 is needed very much. The main formula by which x10 works is that it sends high frequency waves to the inner house wiring and then it makes all the equipment s to react on that basis. When x10 sends any command waves to the equipments then they can be reacted by using the modules of x10. It communicates by sending signals over the power line wirings of the house and that helps in giving commands to the equipment.
There are various parts in x10 which control different functions of it. If you want to understand the simple way of how x10 works then it is very easy to understand as the x10 helps you in doing simple task like switching your lights on by just sitting into one room and doing all that. It is all done by using different module waves of high frequency. As there are various things which can be controlled using x10 that is why there is a number of various modules which are used to control different things.
Now all the modules have an assigned address which is used to operate them and that is how they control the equipments. For example if you want to switch on the lamp in another room and you are sitting in another room then you will be needing to tell the module for the lamp which has an assigned address of the lamp so that you can turn the lamp on. When you command the lamp module then it connects to the power line of the lamp and gives it a command to switch it on. Even though x10 has a very easy commanding over all the equipments but there times when some problems related to x10 communication arise and that can cause some problems in the modules also.
The x10 works only with the help of the whole wiring f the house and without it the x10 cannot work. The x10 working system various components which make the x10 work properly. Some of those components include the Palm Pad Remote transceiver. There is various numbers of modules for all different equipments which are connected to the x10 functional unit. All equipment which is connected has a different module for its working.
All the different parts of x10 system coordinate with each other like if the module sends a command then the receiver takes it and then the command is put to action. Each part in x10 system is dependent on the other part so that the whole system can work properly and whole of x10 system is connected with the wiring of the whole house. The x10 makes the work of a house owner very easy and the owner give commands by not even present in the room where he wants the action to happen.

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