Spy Cameras Help in Securing Kids


Everybody wants to be assured that their children will be properly taken care of when a babysitter is left in charge. Most parents will not leave their children with someone unless they know that person is responsible, either from personal experience or references. Still, how can you be certain that your children are secure in your absence? One way is to install spy cameras so that you can see exactly what everyone was doing while you were away.

The idea of parents spying on babysitters has been used to comic effect throughout pop culture, from the movie “Meet the Parents” to the show “Malcolm in the Middle”. However, the safety of your children is no laughing matter. There are legitimate reasons to install a system like this, especially if you have been burned by a bad experience with a babysitter in the past.

If you are going to commit to using these spy cameras, you need to be willing to spend the money to make it happen. A really good nanny cam system will set you back several hundred dollars, and you’ll want to read all of the instructions to make sure you are doing everything properly. Some systems are especially designed to be as covert as possible, with video cameras hidden or even disguised as everyday items like air purifiers and radios.

You’ll have to decide where you want the cameras and how many of them to buy. The living room or whatever room the babysitter and children spend the most time in is a good start. You also need to be willing to invest the time in watching the tapes, though fast-forwarding can save you a lot of time.

Think about the reasons that you are installing this system. Is it a general preventive measure, or do you have specific concerns about an individual? If you are inviting a valued family friend into your home to babysit, you should tell them about the nanny cam right off the bat. You may do this just for the sake of full disclosure and then turn the nanny cam off; if you know for certain you can trust someone, don’t alienate him or her by implying that they need to be spied on.

You might also want to let babysitters know about the cameras up front because this may further encourage them to be on their best behavior and put the well-being of the children first. The simple knowledge of the camera can act as a deterrent. The downside of this is that a clever sitter may find a way to work around the cameras. For instance, they might find blind spots and see to it that they and the children stick to those areas. They could also decide to spend most of their time outside, but this may be a good thing, since it means that the kids will be engaging in vigorous outdoor activity instead of staying inside and loafing.

Another reason to inform those who enter your home about the spy cameras is that privacy laws in some states are such that your sitter could bring a lawsuit against you if she finds out after the fact that you have been recording all of her actions. On the other hand, there are several different companies specializing in equipment of this type, so this is not exactly an underground operation. If you warn people ahead of time, you lose the element of surprise, so it needs to be your decision as to whether or not to offer full disclosure.

Spy cameras can be very effective both as deterrents and as ways of keeping tabs on your kids and their babysitter when you are not at home. The systems can be a bit involved and expensive, but the sense of security that they provide outweigh the costs involved in setting them up, so keep your kids safe with spy cameras.

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