What is a Smart Home


A smart home is an automation home which having and electronic wiring connection with all the equipments that are supported by it so that they can be controlled by just a command. I mean to say that a smart home is home which is like a super home that is controlled by a computer. If you want to switch on your lights then you will not need to go there and switch it on the button but instead you can just sit on the sofa and right away click on a button command your light to get switched on and it will.
Living in a smart home or an automation home is a totally different experience than from living in a normal home or a normal apartment. A common protocol which is known to all as the name of x10 is used to convert your normal home into a smart home. A technology called as power line carrier system is used to take the commands from the module of x10 and then it acts on the device or equipment where the command is to be followed. The main setup or module which is used to make a home into a smart home is x10 and without it a home will not be made into a smart home.
The main process what it does is that it has many modules which act on all the different equipments which are used in the system. If you have smart home then you can amazingly control your devices which are not present in the same places. There are now many more tings except x10 which include making your home a smart home for example the next generation remote controllers. They are used to control devices by using a maximum range of 100 feet or sometimes even more. Now as technology is advancing it gives also our home to get advanced.
The home automation system only works by connecting your main devices with wire and then using a modules controller such as x10. At present the smart home or the home automation system is not very popular in the Asian countries but it is very much popular in the North American countries and in many of the European Countries. In other words it is well used in many of the developed countries. The broad category of smart home covers almost all technological aspects of a home. Now there are various developments which allow using your devices and all your home electronic materials without even any difficulty. Another major reason for using smart homes is the security concerns of a house.
If you have smart home then you will never be needing to worry about your home even if you are at that time or if you are not there it won’t matter and home will be safe from all kinds of burglars and robbers. Most of the people use smart home for only two reasons. The first is that they either want more leisure or the second is security. Now you choose your reason and make your home into a smart home.

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