Add Rustic Charm to your Garden with Herb Planters


A wonderful idea for an herb container garden is to plant herbs that will be used in different types of cuisine together. These add rustic beauty to your back entrance and also make delightful gifts. People love to receive handmade gifts and herb container gardens can be themed around a specific meal. Use your imagination when planting herb gardens to make them unique. Hundreds of containers can be found at auction sales, flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores.

Let’s take a look at some unique herb container gardens that are themed for certain meals. These will help your creative juices to start flowing so your container garden will be perfect for your family.

Tea Time

Search in your attic or basement to find an old metal tea kettle. If you don’t have any luck, look at flea markets and yard sales or ask family and friends if they have an old one laying around that they no longer use. Fill the tea kettle with potting soil and plant chamomile, cinnamon basil, lemon balm, lemon verbena lime balm and mint.

Once the tea kettle is planted with all your lovely tea herbs, place it strategically in your yard or garden. It could be placed on a corner post of your deck, on a small table beside a bench, on the porch railing or on a window sill. Wherever you place it, it will bring a touch of rustic charm to your yard.

Roaster Herb Garden

Everyone has an old roaster around that they no longer use. If not, be sure to ask family or friends. The most charming type of roaster to use for an herb garden is the old fashioned blue granite ones, but any roaster will do. The herbs grown in the roaster will be used for barbecuing and roasting meat.

Fill the roaster with potting soil and plant dill to use when cooking fish, lemon verbena for chicken and fish, oregano for stews and soups, sage for poultry, rosemary for pork and tarragon for chicken. Place the roaster beside the barbecue for easy access when grilling. Roasters also look great on a small table right outside your back door.

Pizza Herb Garden

Plant a pizza herb garden in a beautiful glazed pot. These can be purchased at any garden center but are fairly expensive. Look for them at flea markets, yard sales and thrift shops.

Plant anise, chives, tomatoes, Greek oregano and other herbs in the glazed jar and use them when making pizza. A pizza herb garden looks lovely sitting in a corner of your deck or patio. In fact, these glazed pot herb gardens add beauty to any spot in your yard.

Medicinal Herb Garden

Pick up an old medicine chest, remove the door, lay it on its back, fill it with potting soil and plant herbs such as dill and peppermint for indigestion, aloe for burns, sage for sore throats and yarrow to use as a bandage for minor cuts and abrasions. Place the medicine chest herb garden in an area that’s easily accessible when you’re feeling under the weather.

Spaghetti Herb Garden

Use an old spaghetti pot for this herb garden. Fill it with potting soil and plant basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary and any other herbs you may want to use. Set it on a small table on your deck or patio near the back door for easy access when you’re cooking up a large pot of spaghetti sauce.

Vegetable Herb Garden

Use a vegetable basket or bushel hamper to plant this herb garden. If you don’t have either of these, ask friends and relatives. If you’re not successful in laying your hands on one, visit the local farmer’s market. Pick up a basket of your favourite veggies or a bushel of tomatoes to can and presto, you have your herb garden container. Once it is empty, fill it with good quality potting soil and plant chives, dill, lemon balm, lemon dill and tarragon to flavour vegetable dishes. Set the basket on a window sill and if you’ve opted to use a bushel hamper, set it in a corner of your deck or patio.

Other containers suitable for herb gardens that will give your yard a touch of rustic charm include: old ice cream makers, coffee grinders, corn grinders, old pots and pans, coffee and tea pots. Visit auction sales, flea markets, garage and yard sales and second hand and thrift shops to find the perfect container for your herb garden.  Visitors will love the rustic charm of these old containers and they make great conversation pieces. Enjoy!

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