Curb Appeal on a Dime.


Just Married? Just bought a new house? Still making payments on those new appliances for the kitchen? If you are like most young newlyweds just starting out, your first home is a starter home, an older home whose curb appeal holds little appeal. Even on a limited budget, you can transform the look of your home with some yard maintenance and simple home restorations. These three easy tips will help you transform your yard and create a picturesque curb appeal.

1. Painting.
Can’t replace the front door? Are the garage doors looking shabby? Do your windows have faded shutters? Until you can afford new doors and shutters, a gallon of paint can transform them from scuffed and dreary to bright and clean. When painting the front and garage door of your home, choose a paint color that will complement your house. Repainting the shutters to match the roof or front door or removing them completely from your home is an inexpensive way to update the look of your house. The same goes for those cement front steps or the faded wooden porch. Your front walkway will look immediately updated with a fresh coat of paint or pressure washed deck (reseal the wood with a waterproof wood sealant after cleaning). For under a hundred dollars the front steps and walkway will be freshly transformed.

2. Shrubs, plants and grass.
It may seem simple, but keeping the lawn mowed is an easy way to improve the appearance of your yard and home. Ideally the grass should be cut to an inch or inch and a half in length and finished by weed whacking the edges. The sun on hot days can burn the grass creating a brown yard instead of a green one, watering the lawn (best to water at night) will help keep your grass green and healthy. For bare spots use grass seed and water it regularly.
Any shrubs on the property should be maintained by trimming the branches back to create a neat manicured hedge. Keep shrubs below the windows and uniformed in size. Clean up the shrubs with an electric trimmer or hand clippers.
Create flower beds or clean out existing ones. Planting perennials and annuals will add color to your yard, chose colors that work well together. Weed the flower beds often or use gardening paper to cut down on weed growth. Choose plants that vary in size, taller in the back, shorter towards the front.
Use mulch to give your flower beds that finished landscaped look. Edge out the flower beds with an edger before lying down the mulch. Buying your mulch in bulk from a farm and garden store will help keep the cost down.

Friendly tip: perennials come back every year which offers a bigger return on your investment over annuals, which will need to be replanted every spring.

3. Fixtures.
Using pots and hanging baskets near your entry way will also improve the look of your home. A potted plant or topiary by the front door will give your entrance an inviting look. As the seasons change your entry way can change with it, add pumpkins and mums in the fall, annuals in the spring and summer. Be creative but remember to not over clutter.

Replacing old and faded address numbers with new modern numbers and modernizing the light fixtures will improve the look of your home. Fixtures range in price so check your local box stores for deals.

Getting the look you want for your new home is obtainable even on the tightest of budgets if you are willing to put the time and energy into creating and maintaining the manicured look you want. Tackle one project at a time, give yourself a deadline and before you know it, your home and yard will be transformed along with its curb appeal.
Good luck!

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